A “Release Mike Strickland Rally” will be held at Portland City Hall, 1220 S.W. 5th Ave. Parking should be plentiful on the street, but, if not, a Smart Park is nearby on 4th Avenue.

The rally for Strickland will be held from noon-3pm. A program of speakers will include radio host Jayne Carroll who has been closely following the Strickland case and spent some time in the court room during his trial. Barbwire editor, Tamera Jackson Cochran is also going to be speaking and giving her take on the outrageous Strickland prosecution. Other speakers will be announced later today.

As you probably know, Strickland, a freelance journalist, drew his legal, licensed concealed hand gun while covering a Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX march and rally July 7, 2016.

After covering the event for awhile, Strickland was assaulted by a group of protesters who admitted in court they conspired to throw him out. They assaulted him once and then came back after him. Strickland was forced to draw his weapon to stop the protesters who converged on him. The mob came from three sides in order to attack and stop him from covering the rally.

Rightly believing he was in danger, Strickland swept the black bloc attired mob, without his finger on the trigger, to stop the threat coming at him.

Come and show your support tomorrow and make you’re there for critical mass of people at high noon for maximum effect.

Organizer Leo Stratton promises a family friendly event, but he has control over only the good people who will come to support Strickland and not the trouble makers who have shown up before.

Please don’t engage the leftist protesters who have shown themselves to be violent. They’ll try to ruin the event if they show up. Stand strong without engaging. That’s my advice, anyway.

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One Response

  1. I gave to Oregon Firearms Federation for Mike’s defense, and would like to attend this rally. Unfortunately, I have a schedule conflict. I just can’t believe Mike should do any jail time for this event, although I think maybe Mike should have done like other news organizations did which was to stop covering in certain incidences the rioters. But still, Mike was within his rights to cover the riot and defend himself.