Mike Strickland faces a hearing today in Portland, Oregon for drawing his weapon on anarchists who roughed him up during a July 7th  protest and were rushing in for a second go at him.

Strickland drew his legally obtained and licensed concealed Glock pistol, never placing his finger on the trigger, but drew down on the people advancing toward him, stopping what he believed was going to be an attack.  He withdrew, walking backwards away from the threat and holstered his weapon when he believed the immediate threat was over.

Since then, the Portland area journalist has been jailed, his tools of his trade–cameras, recording equipment and his own recordings, which are exculpatory evidence in his case, have been confiscated–and Strickland has been ordered to stop working in journalism, thus depriving him of his ability to make a living.

This heavy-handed attack on the rights on one man has been done by the Multnomah County District Attorney and is due to what some involved in the case believe is a political agenda.

Absurdly, the case is also based on the testimony by some of the very people who were rushing to attack Strickland.

Some of those people are planning to testify against the Portland journalist in court.

Here’s one of them.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Ben Kerensa has recently become a fixture in the last couple of years at Portland protests.

Here he is yesterday blocking access to all vehicles and then surrounding one car targeted  by protesters. These photos come from KOIN TV’s live shot at the airport:

Before you go thinking Kerensa’s  just some gadfly protest fan-boy, let’s consider his dangerous and violent past.

Here’s the thumbnail sketch. Kerensa has a history of calling in phony bomb threats, phony police reports and impersonating an FBI agent. He’s spent time in at least one California federal prison and convicted in Oregon on federal charges of impersonating an FBI agent–more than once. He was also under parole and probation officials in Oregon.

He has been in trouble with the law in at least three counties, Multnomah, Curry and Marion.

And that’s just for starters.

He’s also a hacker, so if anything happens to this website, I’ll consider him the #1 suspect.

And this man with a history of lying, phoning  in false threats, filing false police reports, impersonating authorities and much, much more is a person on whom the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office is relying to prosecute Mike Strickland.

Next time: When Kerensa phoned in a  SWAT call to a Salem hospital and his antics at a huge San Francisco Tech fair.

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  1. Hello,
    I’ve read your articles on this case. Thank you for reporting on this and for researching and exposing the background of the real aggressor. The article mentioned there was a hearing on the case a few days ago, but I don’t see any mention of the outcome. Would you kindly direct me to that, or are you planning to write a follow-up article on it? It’s an important case that all Oregon citizens should be watching carefully. Also, is the NRA or any other Second Amendment groups helping Strickland with his defense?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Deborah L. Farris
    Shady Cove, OR

  2. We will be there for the trial to watch this aggressor and talk to him about him witnessing against Mike.