The videographer who got inside ACORN among other high profile stories has come to the aid of Michael Strickland:

Citizen Journalist Unholsters Gun: The Case Of Mike Strickland, My Friend

CONTRIBUTE TO MIKE’S LEGAL DEFENSE FUND HERE: A citizen journalist videographer in Portland, Oregon named Mike Strickland was arrested …

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  1. So, does anyone else notice how your black panther bogeyman was not anywhere near him before he pulls his weapon out, then comes in as a calming force helping safely leave, and even keeping the white guy who pushed him back? Funny when your “scary black people are attacking me” narrative falls apart, huh?

    1. The guy trying to calm the situation and help Mike leave the scene is not the Black Panther leader, he is another videographer named Bluehair. The guy backing Mike down the street is the Black Panther guy who earlier called for people to pull out their pistols and Fucking bust them. So, get your story straight Jane, okay?

      1. If you actually watch and listen to the “black panther” you’re wrong. The guy filming was yelling and trying to get people to stay back, but he was not acting as a calming influence directly at Strickland. Listen to the conversation Strickland has with the other guy as they are walking back. The black panther guy wasn’t even there when Strickland pulled his gun. He was asking him what happened and helping protect him as he left, you see him hold back the white guy who pushes him from behind, you hear him tell mike “I got you, it’s cool I got you,” He wasn’t backing him down the street, he was escorting him down the street. Sorry, I know that doesn’t fit into the “scary black people attacking me” narrative, but that’s what happened.

        1. Sorry, Jane. He was walking Strickland back. Strickland knew who he was and, as I said, though he appeared to call for calm, was intently squaring up on Strickland. Strickland was at that pre-protest rally at Pioneer Square. He knew what that guy had said.

        2. Your default to racism is unseemly, wrong and makes you look foolish. I do say the guy said seemingly calming things, but was intentionally using his body as was grey hoodie guy to intimidate Strickland. Strickland was trying to explain things, hoping the guy would help him, but his intention clearly was to intimidate.

          1. I think his intention was clearly to keep people away from him, as he did, he helped him and that is clearly on video. Show me Strickland in the video of the man talking at pioneer, because that is clearly not on video. And him being in the square doesn’t automatically mean he heard or saw this guy. What is apparent is that this guy did not see the altercation that led to Strickland pulling his weapon, but that he came forward from the crowd to help Strickland leave, so while his message of responding to violence with violence may be how he really feels, he didn’t see Strickland commit any violence, so other than your unnatural fear of black people, what reason would he have for being violent towards Strickland? He was talking about police violence, not random white people, so he has no motivation to violent towards Strickland for simply being there or for having a disagreement with other protesters. Even if you see him as backing him out – Strickland said he was leaving, he said he wanted to leave, and yet, he stood planted in the same spot for a long time, endangering himself more than anything, the guy needed to leave the area and frankly, in that climate, and with his reputation, he needed an escort, he needed a black escort to make it out of there safely, and that is the role that mister black panther bogeyman provided, you can clearly see him restrain and hold back the guy who pushes Strickland, and you’re still going to tell me he was a threat? He wasn’t even around when Strickland pulled his weapon, so which scary black person who Strickland had definitely previous heard threaten violence toward white people actually threatened him in any way? Not black panther dude , find another bogeyman. I’ll stop crying racism when you give me a better reason for mike to feel so threatened than a guy who previously had said things about responding to police violence with violence but who exhibited zero violent inclinations during the encounter.

  2. Lol seriously, the guy who just told the crowd to pull their pistols was helping to calm the crowd and assist the reporter in fleeing the apparent threat of violence?
    Nice try.

      1. Ok so you’re saying the blm guy who just told people, on video, to gat up…. is protecting the reporter from blm folk? Because it seems to me like the blm guy is trying to intimidate the journalist, who apparently is concerned enough for his life to have drawn a weapon.