Strickland Day 2: Defense Waives Jury Trial & Prosecution Witness Admits Anarchists Plotted to Assault Journalist

February 9, 2017

Their group think cost Strickland his freedom.

Day-2 of Mike Strickland’s trial saw a pivotal moment in the case.

Lawyers for Strickland waived his right to a jury trial and opted to be tried solely by the judge.

Strickland is on trial for pulling his legally licensed, registered gun at protesters and anarchists as they rushed him to assault him–again–at a Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX rally last July 7th in downtown Portland.

Court watchers  reported Tuesday that the Portland  jury pool had so many anti-gun, anti-second amendment members that Strickland wouldn’t get a fair trial. One of the prospective  jurors  belonged to a an anti-gun group whose leader was pushing for Strickland to be prosecuted.

The Oregonian reported that 30% of the jury pool was against guns.

Previously, Strickland’s defense team moved for a change of venue which was denied by the judge.

In day-2 testimony, the first prosecution witness was absolutely picked apart by the defense.

Court watchers reported that the cross examination was so thorough that the defense attorneys, Jason Short and Chris Trotter, were able to use the witness’s testimony to their advantage.

Witness John Slaughter is a local sports coach. He’s had gigs at Benson High School and PCC. He’s also a frequent protester and one of the organizers of the July 7 Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX event.

Slaughter crossed paths with Strickland when the journalist was videotaping a ‘peaceful’ tribute to Orlando victims.

Activists gathered for the event immediately seized on Strickland, calling him names such as “white nationalist,” “racist” and other labels in an attempt to stop him from videotaping.

Eventually, one man grabbed his camera, explaining  that it was a ‘peaceful’ vigil and that he should leave, but that didn’t stop the hate from being heaped on Strickland by  ‘peaceful’ protesters.

A man wearing a dress began shrieking at Strickland and calling him, wrongly, a “white nationalist” and telling him to “get your white nationalist ass out of here”:

Activists who had gathered for the Orlando tribute were ‘triggered’ by Strickland enough to surround him, push him and try to take his camera away from him.

Let’s pause here for a second and take up the ‘white nationalist’ issue.

This white nationalist label and the left’s copious use of it to describe Strickland appears to come from the journalist’s coverage of the Portland Community College series on “whiteness.” The uncomfortable spotlight on one of the left’s pet issues–white privilege– angered them. Protesters began calling him a racist and white nationalist for showing (and sometimes mocking)  the lectures on his YouTube channel.

Strickland’s stories made national news.

That infuriated the organized left.

After Strickland was arrested for drawing his weapon, PCC and Portland State University, places where he found endless story ideas, immediately banned him from campus. That ban continues today.

Prosecutor Kate Molina used the left’s ‘white nationalist’ and ‘racist’ labels to increase and enhance the charges against Strickland and keep him behind bars for a longer period of time.

Molina never provided proof, rather she relied hearsay reports–from people like John Slaughter, anti-gun crusader (and frequent Strickland object) Penny Okamoto, and, who knows, maybe that guy in the dress, to say Strickland was somehow a racist.

This game of prosecutorial ‘telephone’ cost Strickland plenty. And their adolescent group think cost Strickland his freedom.

Back to the ‘peaceful’ Orlando tribute. Eventually, one man told Strickland he could video him and even gave his job title and phone number for public consumption.

That man was John Slaughter. He was the prosecution’s  first witness.

Slaughter testified that on July 7 a group of anarchists and protesters got together and conspired to go get Strickland. Their aim was to kick him out of the protest to prevent him from covering it.

Of course, he didn’t call it a conspiracy, but that’s what it was. Court watchers told me he also seemed to have no clue that planning an assault  was illegal.

Slaughter was one of the organizers of the Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot #PDX event.

  • He testified that Mike’s concealed Glock was openly carried. Wrong.
  • He testified that cops swarmed the place. Wrong.
  • He testified that some of their members were armed. Oops.
  • He didn’t know if his “event” was permitted.
  • He claimed Mike was a racist and troublemaker but testified that members of his group initiated the contact with Mike to get him thrown out.

Prosecutors are hanging their hats on the idea that somehow this protest was “family friendly” and that Mike came to disrupt it as a counter protester.

The organized left knows this isn’t the case, but lied in court to go after the man who holds up a mirror and makes them look at how stupid they’re acting.

As I’ve shared before,  before the July 7th march, self described members of the Black Panthers gave protesters a pep talk about attacking people, shooting cops and, ironically, urging them to carry guns.

One warned protesters that if they saw him go somewhere he “was going in violence.” He menacingly followed Strickland up the street after the journalist put his gun away and was backing away to safety.

And here’s John Slaughter endorsing this ‘family friendly’  violence right along with them:

Actually endorsing violence, plotting a crime and carrying it out has not resulted in Slaughter being banned from PCC, by the way.

This post about the day-2 events is late  because photos from my first post were reported to the court and got one our court watchers banned from the courtroom.

Next up: ‘Victim’ Ben Kerensa takes the stand.

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