The trial of Michael Strickland, a journalist who goes by the social media handle “Laughing at Liberals,” will start in a Multnomah County courtroom in Portland, Oregon on Monday.

Strickland has been charged with 21 felonies for drawing his weapon in self-defense at a Portland Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX as violent anarchists rushed him as he filmed for his website.

As I explained in my previous post:

“Strickland drew his legally obtained and licensed concealed Glock pistol, never placing his finger on the trigger, but drew down on the people advancing toward him, stopping what he believed was going to be an attack. He withdrew, walking backwards away from the threat and holstered his weapon when he believed the immediate threat was over.

Since then, the Portland area journalist has been jailed, his tools of his trade–cameras, recording equipment and his own recordings, which are exculpatory evidence in his case, have been confiscated–and Strickland has been ordered to stop working in journalism, thus depriving him of his ability to make a living.

This heavy-handed attack on the rights on one man has been done by the Multnomah County District Attorney and deputy Kate Molina and is due to what some involved in the case believe is a political agenda.

Absurdly, the case is also based on the testimony by some of the very people who were rushing to attack Strickland.”

Judge Thomas Ryan will preside over the proceedings.

At a hearing this week, Strickland’a attorney Chris Trotter asked for several motions, including change of venue out of Multnomah County–Oregon’s most liberal and anti-gun county. The motion was denied.

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Oregonian


Portland Police traditionally have had a hands-off approach to protesters until violence breaks out –which has happened at nearly every gathering of the leftists.

Multnomah County has a bias in favor protesters. Peaceful assembly is something our constitution protects. But, based on history, most of these assemblies are seldom, if ever, peaceful.

Now, Portland Police have added to their hands-off approach a ‘we’ll-hide-over-here’ and wait for violence to break out.

How’s that ‘we’ll be over here if you need us’ approach working?

At the Portland Airport on Sunday, protesters took over the airport, blocked traffic and threatened drivers. A loud and annoying street preacher was beaten. The police came only after the attack.

In fact, one of the ‘victims’ in the Strickland case, anarchist Ben Kerensa, was back on the streets intimidating and blocking this driver at the airport:

At a particularly odious anti-Donald Trump protest and riot, a protester was shot when police allowed the rabble to take over the Morrison Bridge over the Willamette River.

The day of the Strickland attack, the police had taken up their hands-off-we’ll-hide-over-here approach. They were not visible and therefore provided no visual intimidation to the attackers.

This was even though a ‘Don’t Shoot PDX’ rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square was given a pep talk by self described Black Panthers encouraging people to get their guns and commit acts of violence at the event (see post below).

When it was over, one of the only guys not in favor of violence had to pull his gun to stay out of the hospital.

The trial starts Monday and prosecutors will attempt to prove that Strickland wasn’t a journalist but an antagonizing counter protester.

Strickland is a paid journalist, so he’s far from the DA’s characterization. But, think about that for a second, if he were a counter protester, would it have been acceptable for the anarchists to attack him? That seems to be where they’re going with this.

Next: Why the anarchists at the July 7th protest were out to get Strickland.

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  1. I would like to know who Strickland has for an attorney. I just had a weapon that was given to me by my father confiscated for alledged unlawful possesion I desperately need legal help as I have been looking and can find no legal advice to speak of. I love I’m coos county. Have never had a problem with my self defense mechanism accept when dealing with state police. This is an outrageous violation of the second amendment

  2. Yes. The Oregon Firearms Federation may be able to provide referrals. I also recommend that you contact attorney James Leuenberger. He specializes in 2nd Amendment cases. I have never retained or hired him but I recommend him based on the conversations I’ve had with him. A friend of mine retained him for a case and was pleased with the results.