One of the reasons why Michael Strickland was found guilty of 21 charges against him for drawing his weapon when thugs assaulted him at a Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX event is the testimony of one of the very thugs who attacked him.

The people who converged on Strickland, were then sprinkled with  jurisprudential pixie dust and magically transformed into victims.

Ben Kerensa, the rotund fabulist who is an accused hacker, confirmed liar and multiple convicted felon, spent most of his hour and a half testifying against Michael Strickland telling whoppers in front of a judge, God and everybody.

I’m highlighting only one of them in this post.

Let’s first, however, seat ourselves in the way-back machine of last July 7th and remember that it was Kerensa who uttered these words:

“I Was There! I’m the reason why he pulled the gun.”

Kerensa was so pleased with himself as he boasted of his participation in the incident off camera to Mike Bluehair in his video of the incident and its aftermath.

And here he was just moments before — going after Strickland. This still shot from Mike Bivins’s Periscope video shows that by the time he came after Strickland one more time (they’d already assaulted him before), he had covered his face:

And here was Kerensa at a Trump gathering at PSU in June of 2016:

And here was one line of questioning at Strickland’s trial:

Kerensa: I was approached by, um, some individuals, that I guess could be described as  black bloc anarchist type who pointed him out from the position we were standing at when they approached me and pointed out that he [Strickland] was in the crowd. 

DDA: Are you affiliated with black bloc?

Kerensa: No.

DDA: And what does that term, what does that mean? 

Kerensa: Um,  I’m not an expert at this, but my understanding of it is black bloc…

DDA: Let me ask you a different question. In terms of the way they dress is more I’m asking…

Kerensa: [readily] They wear black clothing, uh, generally  and black masks to conceal their identity

DDA: Head to toe all black?

Kerensa: Yeah, everybody similar clothing to make them indistinguishable as individuals.

Kerensa testified he wasn’t part of the anarchist contingent who wear black attire, cover their faces and terrorize people.

He lied.

We’ve since seen the 300-400 pound man at other events. Recently, he’s taken to going without a mask, such as when he blocked cars at the Portland airport because …. Donald Trump! … and in Salem this past weekend because … Donald Trump!

Kerensa hanging out with his black bloc buddies in Salem where they attacked a cop and other rally goers.

Maybe he heard me on the live streamed presentation about Strickland saying something like ‘Dude, you’re like 400 pounds, people know who you are with or without that mask.’