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Yesterday, I demonstrated conclusively that Oregon-based citizen journalist Mike Strickland had a defensible reason for drawing his weapon at advancing anarchists and Black Lives Matter protesters that surrounded him on the street during a protest. The incident, which subsequently videotaped an assault against Strickland, occurred near the federal and county courthouses in downtown Portland.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Mike Bluehair
Photo Credit: Screenshot/Mike Bluehair

Four police officers and a second amendment expert weighed in on the case in yesterday’s post, so I won’t re-litigate it here. 

Strickland now sits in a Multnomah County Sheriff’s jail cell on a felony charge. His bail has been set at $250,000.00. To say that’s excessive for one with no police record is an understatement. Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation calls him a “political prisoner.”

But, now, thanks to video posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name “Prison Planet,” we know that protesters were amped up in advance with a pep talk at Pioneer Courthouse Square by non other than self described “Black Panthers.”

As we’ve since learned, the Dallas shooter  responsible for shooting 11 people, killing five white police officers last week, was an erstwhile member of the Houston New Black Panther Party, an organization which has called for violence against the police, among other things.

Here’s the “pep talk” these New Black Panther Party members gave to the Portland Professional Protester crowd. H/T to John Trudel for tipping me off to this video:

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The self described Panther admonished the crowd that if things got violent, 

“You pull your pistol out and bust it.”

He referred to others as “the enemy.”

There was the wind-up. Now for the delivery:

“When we move with the Panthers, trust when you see me move, I’m moving in violence!”

“We’re tired of asking y’all to help us! We need action! We need to fucking take action.”

“I don’t give a fuck if you fucking knock them over. You run up on ’em, whatever! Whatever you do, you’d better fucking take action!”

Now, as discussed yesterday in the break down of the video tape, after pulling his weapon, the mob was held back. But then a breakaway group followed Strickland as he fearfully backed up the street. He kept telling them, “I’m leaving, I’m leaving!” The photographer told the crowd to leave him alone.

Look who the leader is: Sideways hat. He follows Strickland up the street:

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Mike Bluehair
Photo Credit: Screengrab/Mike Bluehair

While everyone else has been implored to leave Strickland alone, sideways hat comes at him, sometimes seemingly to be a calming force, but definitely there to intimidate.

Sideways hat makes up the distance with gray hoodie guy who assaults Strickland:

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Mike Bluehair
Photo Credit: Screengrab/Mike Bluehair

Here he is again. First, at Pioneer Courthouse Square holding his hat:

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Twitter
Photo Credit: Screengrab/Twitter

And later walking toward Strickland wearing his hat:

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Mike Bluehair
Photo Credit: Screengrab/Mike Bluehair

Did Mike Strickland see the pre rally pep talk by the New Black Panthers? Probably. This was a dangerous crowd. Strickland was smart to carry his pistol.


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  1. Gee, not one mainstream media source plays this jackoff calling for violence. Real surprising.

      1. Can you please forward this to the Oregonian, Portland tribune, and Portland Mercury. I’m interested in their take after being so biased in initial reporting. I won’t hold my breath for their responses.

  2. Did the guy who stole his cameras and bust his arm do any jail time or get any punishment from the multnomah county police department?

    1. Read the actual story: http://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2015/03/11/anti-gun-oregon-filmmaker-arrested-attacking-gun-rights-supporter/

      It was SAUNDERSON who was assaulted not STRICKLAND. There was a different video linked in place of the “please just shoot us with 10 bullets at a time” youtube link. The title made it sound like it was Strickland getting assaulted. Now that video is gone along with the link.

      Victoria Taft is refusing to acknowledge this change.

      The way bail works is that 10% has to be posted before some one can get released. This is not being reported.

      This whole thing smells funny. I think there’s a strong probability that this whole thing is an intelligence operation. I think the black panther guy is an intel asset and/or mason and I think the people running these pages are tied in with it because of the dishonest manner of handling the posting of the video of Saunderson being attacked, yet the video was clearly labeled and linked to as Strickland. I’ve got it all saved and put up on the cloud. When I get the chance I’m putting together a video showing all of this.

      1. You’ve lost it. I stand by my story. Maybe someday you’ll know why. Hint: it has nothing to do with the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderbergers.

  3. If I was approached by the same “peaceful protest” my response may not have been as controlled as Mike.

    Luckily he was able to leave without being harmed, and didn’t even have to fire his weapon.

  4. I think that the video you posted showed it in a clearer light that strickland was clearly in the right.

  5. You seem to have missed the part where Mike sweeps his loaded firearm in the direction of a crowd of people. Even if threatened, that’s extremely reckless. No matter how much “journalism” you do, he’s going to prison where he won’t have a gun to keep him safe.

  6. Lol, Strickland had already pulled a loaded gun on the crowd, this guy stepped between the gun and innocent peaceful protesters, if anything he’s a hero. Strickland gets his kicks by harassing women of color, and you would defend such an unhinged individual? The ONLY reason he claimed to fear for his life is that he was recognized by members of the crowd BECAUSE he harasses and films women without their consent.

    1. I will grant you that at times sideways hat guy seems to be a calming influence and then squares up on Strickland. Strickland was already leaving. When sideways hat said before, ““When we move with the Panthers, trust when you see me move, I’m moving in violence!” and moved toward Strickland, well, I’m surprised that Strickland was as calm as he was.

      1. And do you have confirmation that Strickland had heard that speech and knew anything about what that guy had said previously? I don’t see his face in that video. Again, the only reason he “feared for his life” is because he’s made himself known as an agitator.

        I know you “know” the guy, but have you seen him at these things? He specifically targets and films women of color, why do you think that is? Why isn’t he filming black men? Oh right, because he’s obviously a pussy and is afraid of black men to the point where he needs a firearm to feel safe around them. He doesn’t JUST film them either, he doxxes their personal information and posts it online, leading these women to go through further harassment at the hands of all his “conservative” friends. I have friends who have personally experienced this, had to change their phone numbers and delete all social media in their names. One friend who had to even move out of her apartment, because of this guy specifically. So while he may be doing this in public, does being in public mean you give up he right to not have your personal info displayed online along with an invitation from angry white men to harass and intimidate you for being a woman of color? Please tell me you cannot support that. Yes, you can photograph people in a public setting you cannot however advertise that person’s private information to the whole world.

        1. I met Mike Strickland back in about 2011. He didn’t just recently begin carrying a firearm and making videos. He documents many many events, both liberal, conservative and in between. When at a republican caucus, I watched him chase a very conservative caucus chair out of the building with a camera in his face, over improprieties with the day’s proceedings.

          I also know that Mike has the utmost respect for life, individual liberties and even the right of leftists to protest. He respects women. He respects minorities and he respects that a firearm is a dangerous weapon. I can say with 100% certainty that if he drew his weapon, he was not only prepared to fire that weapon, but also that he absolutely believed himself to be in mortal danger.

          He wouldn’t draw a gun on a crowd of people as a dick sizing ploy. He drew a gun because he thought his life depended on it.

          Rest assured, there are as many conservatives who don’t like Mike’s politics as there are liberals. He’s fair and he will do what it takes to keep the public informed. He damn sure shouldn’t be in jail. Period.

          1. He pulled his gun because he thought his life depended on it because he’s a paranoid weirdo who should have known to keep his distance. He thought his life was in danger because black men were coming close to him, are you fucking kidding me? What does he actually think is going to happen to him with all those cameras pointed at him, that a rapid crowd of liberals is gonna devour him whole? It’s so laughable, the guy is a joke, I don’t care about his politics, I care about his tactics, and doxxing women of color is what made him into an adversary to the black community. He is known as someone dangerous who will follow you and now we know he carries a weapon. I’m sorry but I don’t care how noble your intentions are (in your own mind) but when you follow women around with a camera and a gun people don’t tend to think good things about it. He made this mess for himself, and ya’ll will find any and every excuse to defend him, okay, there were police officers there, in fact he was literally right in front of the courthouse if he felt unsafe he could have retreated into there, or flagged down an officer for assistance, but what kind of idiot thinks pulling out a loaded weapon and pointing it at a random crowd of peaceful protesters is going to make you look like a hero? Like, maybe to some grand dragon wizards at the KKK, but in the real world, you’re just a douche,

      2. If course he’s a “calming influence” The cameras are on. He’s Eddie Haskel.

  7. I think I have tentatively identified the proud Black Speaker at Pioneer as Jeelani Matulu Haru Shareef . What an amazing powerful person he is. My name is Al Wilson and I’m a producer. I’d really like to get ahold of him for an upcoming film. AlWWilsoniii@gmail.com

  8. A conservative in Portland or the tri-county area (and hence Oregon in general) is like a Christian in ISIS territory! The deck is stacked against him/her and the rule of law will be bent to complete distortion if he/she goes against the liberal/socialistic/Marxist establishment! God help this man for protecting himself!!!

        1. Actually Ron, these people were just protecting themselves from him, he has made it his business to harass and promote the harassment of women of color in Portland, he wouldn’t need to defend himself if others didn’t need to defend themselves from him.

  9. After about the millionth time I have watched the full video, your black panther bogeyman did absolutely nothing wrong. I have screen shots, he was asking mike what happened, he was helping him leave, he held other people back, he asked the cameraman to back off and when mike said he was cool, he says “he’s good? Alright” and leaves it alone, he helps him, he calms him, and then after mike gets to the corner you can see him come back and help keep moving people back from Strickland. He wasn’t even there when mike pulled his weapon, all he knew was that a man with a camera was saying that he was afraid to turn his back on the crowd and he escorted that man down the block. If anyone wants to dispute that, like it said, I’ve got my own screen shots. They show mike pull his weapon when there isn’t anyone within ten feet of him. What was he protecting himself from? People coming near him? He’s at a protest, there will be a lot of people in close proximity, and yet even after bolstering his weapon and claiming to want to leave, he planted himself in the same spot for quite a while, and didn’t actually move up the street and away from the crowd until this calm young man came up and helped him leave. Someone please explain how it’s justifiable for him to pull his gun on a crowd when he wasn’t in any danger? There were people helping him and keeping people back from him from the beginning.

    1. I’m glad you have your own screen shots. I think fixating on the “black panther bogeyman” as you call him is to miss the bigger story. I think on some level you’re smart enough to figure it out.