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Benjamin Kerensa is a professional protester who bragged on video that he was the one who made Michael Strickland draw his weapon last July at the Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX rally and march:

“I Was There! I’m the reason why he pulled the gun.”

Strickland’s prudent defense against the approximately 400 pound Kerensa, who was among several people advancing on him, is what got the 37-year-old videographer in trouble with the law. Strickland now faces years in prison after being convicted of 21 counts. (Please see my previous posts on the case in the links at the bottom of this story.)

These same people had assaulted Strickland moments before while he was trying to cover the rally.

The head of the rally, John Slaughter, and Kerensa admitted in court that they were part of a conspiracy to assault Strickland to get him to stop covering the event. Kerensa actually admitted to assaulting the videographer in court.

Last weekend, at the “March 4 Trump” rally in Lake Oswego, Kerensa was back, this time threatening another videographer.

Kerensa has a long history of crime. He’s considered to be a dangerous, violent and disturbed individual. That’s what his lengthy rap sheet says.

You’d think that a convicted criminal (federal, state, local) who has seen the inside of a federal prison cell would want to stay as far away from cops as possible, but Kerensa seems to be drawn to them like a moth to a flame. In fact, there are those who consider Kerensa to be a police informant–which may explain why he’s never been charged with assaulting Strickland and why the man who impersonated an FBI agent and made bomb threats was brought in as a prosecution “victim” witness  in Strickland’s case.

See the video below from another ever-present protester who was threatened by Kerensa and who wonders if he’s really an informant.

Last weekend  Kerensa ran to the cops at the Lake Oswego protest to get videographer Leo Stratton in trouble for, laughably, “making third party contact” with the ever-present roly-poly-protester:

Laughing @ Liberals attacker “Ton of Fun ” AKA-Ben Kerensa/Antifa Snorlax

3-4-2017 Lake Oswego Or. while covering the Portland Or. area March 4 Trump event, among the miscreants i recognize the thug who tried to attack Journalist a…

Apparently, the entire world is a “third party” to Kerensa.

Of course, the odd thing is, ‘snitching’ is verboten in the protester/anarchist world, remember?

Last November, protesters were handing out this flyer to people covering the event. It was a threat to them to take them out–much like what they did to Strickland. The last line reads:

“Consider this a warning.”

And Strickland’s own video from 2011’s Occupy Portland, shows one of the other protesters at the July event, Jessie Sponberg, and other familiar faces get in Strickland’s grill for recording them in the public park that they had “occupied”:

Occupy Portland Threatens, Berates, Shoves Cameraman

You may want to watch this twice. First without paying attention to the annotations, then again with them, so you can watch the other videos that these folks…

Now listen to the video by Mary Eng, who uses the handle Brain Garbage, talk about Kerensa, his attempted assault on her –with several well known witnesses– and her passing observation that he appears to be a police informant:

ben kerensa charges at me with trembling jaw

Dear maryeng1, This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content: ———————————–…

I can’t imagine why a person who’s a professional liar, as Kerensa is, would be helpful as a police informant, but there is one glaring reason why it could be plausible: He’s never been charged for assaulting Strickland — even after admitting it in court.

I don’t want to get carried away with flights of fancy or anything, but if you consider that a possibility, doesn’t it seem possible that the conspiracy to get rid of Strickland went higher than the protesters? Just a thought.

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4 Responses

  1. Why haven’t the “born loser” violent thugs of the George Soros bought and paid for Obama-Clinton Democrats and Democrat-supporting progressive liberals, neo-socialists, anarchists, communists (strange bedfellows), or the Black Lies (Bowel) Movement, been prosecuted under the “Ku Klux Klan Act,” 42 U.S. Code Section 1985(3) for their violent attacks on Americans exercising their civil rights of assembly, speech, association, and to petition for redress at rallies in support of then-candidate now President Donald Trump?

    This would include the violation of the civil rights of Mike Strickland, a kind of modern-day Thomas Paine with a video camera.

    Strickland, is a longtime recognized journalist, through his “Laughing At Liberals” reports. He is a person as much entitled to “freedom of the press” as, for example, the staff and editors of the Oregonian who claim their civil right to freedom of the press while abiding by its deprivation in the case of Mike Strickland.

    We have a new President and a new Attorney General, the latter of whom should bring on prosecutions not of Mike Strickland but of those who through threat and menace deprive him of his civil right to freedom of the press. AG Sessions should order as well prosecutions of all those who physically attacked supporters of President Donald Trump, before and after his election.

    It is the purest progressive liberal corruption of government for the D.A. to prosecute Mike Strickland while failing to prosecute those who violated his civil rights, and of those attending Trump rallies.

    It is precisely to prevent such mob, thug, fascist, “KKK” attacks to deprive others of their civil rights that the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.Code Section 1985(3) the “Ku Klux Klan Act” was adopted.

    Those who acted to violate the civil rights of Mike Strickland, and to violate the civil rights those who attend rallies in support of President Donald Trump, have proved by their deeds that they are not the noble defenders of rights and “No Hate!” “No Fascism!”they pretend to be.

    On the contrary, by their deeds they prove themselves to be the 21st Century progressive liberal Ku Klux Klan, and should be prosecuted under the act named for what they are.

  2. People might take you for more than a drop out no audience radio host if you proofread your articles for grammar.

    But more important if you had citations or proof other than some whacky brain garbage lady who looking at her other videos looks like a total nut job even worse than you really.