“We got Nate Millsap right here!” came a voice in a sort of ‘up talk’ carnival barker’s cadence.

The voice is believed by Millsap to belong to the scarf-wearing, black bloc attired
Benjamin Kerensa and it sent a frisson of excitement through the pack of similarly attired … people.

Kerensa perjured himself on the stand multiple times  in the Michael Strickland case. He testified for the prosecution that  he wasn’t part of black bloc, that he never pushed or pulled Strickland to throw him out and that Strickland  drew his gun multiple times, among other obvious lies.

Indeed,  Kerensa, a multiple multi state and federal prisoner, bomb threatener, FBI impersonator,  hoaxer and hacker,  conspired with others to assault Strickland, to throw him out of a Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX event nearly a year ago. Strickland was only videotaping the event.

The thugs roughed up Strickland  which Strickland’s still-quashed video demonstrates.

Those thugs became ‘victims’ in the eyes of the prosecution and Strickland was brought up   on 21 counts, ten of which were felonies. They could have landed Strickland in prison for more than 50 years. Strickland was sentenced to 40 days in jail when he was sentenced in May.

And Nate Millsap, also a witness for the prosecution,  took high quality video which showed the gang of thugs backing Strickland up and threatening him. Later, Millsap, realizing what his video showed, publicly came out in support of Strickland. All of those moves made him public enemy #1 with the black bloc crowd.

And that’s why they confronted him on Sunday,  as you can see from from Millsap’s own videos below:

“Fucking Millsap Get him the fuck outta here! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! GO BACK TO YOUR (unintelligible) GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, NATHAN!

Millsap: “I’m here filming.

Mob: (unintelligible) GET BACK TO YOUR SIDE!

Millsap: “I’m not on a side! I’m here independently.


Millsap: “I’m not on a side, I’m here independently!

Black Bloc: “Get out!” (something is thrown at Millsap)

(laughs are heard)

Black Bloc guy starts chant, “Hey, hey, ho, ho this racist scum has got to go!”

What do we call black bloc ‘anarchists’ now? ‘Protester’ is too benign a descriptor. ‘Terrorist’ seems too harsh. They haven’t killed anyone … yet, although violence is clearly in their wheel house.

They bring weapons:

No Title

Another collection of weapons seized today. pic.twitter.com/tdMmMSM2Wp

No Title

Items collected from SW Madison Street, 3rd to 4th Avenues, between Terry Schrunk Plaza and Chapman Square. pic.twitter.com/IiRhOxEJWv

Members, who fancy themselves as anarchists then morph  to become ‘anti fascist’ – meaning anti anyone to the right of them,  continue to beat, shoot, assault, jump, punch, club, gas innocents and interrupt others’ lives by blocking roads, trains, freeways and bridges.

Like this guy who was beaten right in front of Millsap last Sunday by the – what do they call themselves again? Oh, yes “anti-fascists.” The same people who, like the brown shirts before them, dress in uniforms and take it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner of people who hold different political views.

And now Millsap has a target on his back,  just like Leo Stratton had before him and just as Michael Strickland did before them.

And the one guy who has been there every, single time is ‘victim’ Ben Kerensa.


And look at him try to scamper out of Millsap’s view finder here:

Ben Kerensa incites protesters against cameraman on 06-04-2017

Ben Kerensa instructs Antifa members to verbally attack and alienate anyone who films them.

Antifa becomes restless and attacks an individual

Filming police presence at 06-04-2017 Portland protest. Unknown Individual gets swarmed by Unknown Antifa attendees.

3 Responses

  1. Editor’s note: I’ve edited this comment to remove some sensitive information that needs further investigation.


    This walking human-trashcan is responsible for so so much more than even you or I could suspect or imagine.

    Another angle to look at is his past and possibly present association and involvement with other black-hat and criminal people and organizations such as [ … ] some details of this are listed at http://nekoroy.com/BenjaminKerensa/

    also in the course of my investigation(s) I found that him and one of his antifa buddies might be involved in bit coin [ … ].

    I also with a high degree of probability may have un-masked one of the antifa scums the image at https://www.victoriataft.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Kerensa-%E2%80%98friend%E2%80%99-black-bloc-PSU-616-300×203.jpg may in fact be the same guy as https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=AcUBB6jHzmk#t=61 the eyes and visible facial features are in my opinion a damning match-up.

    I know that every waking second of this loser’s life is spent commiting or planning various criminal acts including assaulting people, framing people, theft, fraud and terrorism.

  2. Editor’s note: I’ve edited this comment to remove some sensitive and slanderous information and unattributed innuendo.

    “Toy,” who won’t give a proper return email because he’s hiding his identity for some reason (let’s guess), avers slanderous information and some factual information about the commenter. My question is: How does that change one thing he’s laid at your–Ben Kerensa’s–feet? None. He’s “right wing?” Is that what you have against him? Or is it that he keeps book on the factual rap sheet which sounds oddly similar yet much less serious than yours, Ben.