Trouble in Lefty-Land. A Portland Antifa Leader Turns On Long Time Ally, Multiple Felon, Ben Kerensa.

There’s drama in Antifa-world. One of the thugs who leads the gang of violent protesters in Portland, Luis Marquez, has issued a fatwa against a former ally/member of the group who is well known to the readers of this website.

Marquez, a frequent arrestee on the Portland Professional Protester™ scene, responded on Twitter to an Oregonian article describing how frequent protester (and multiple felon) Benjamin Kerensa successfully (and ironically) got a cop suspended from duty. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

[T]he Citizen Review Committee voted 7-0 that Smith had violated the truthfulness policy in a case involving protester Benjamin Kerensa.

Smith admitted to falsely telling Kerensa that he didn’t have the right to film officers and threatened Kerensa that he could be arrested if he didn’t stop.


You’d think there would be cheers in Antifa-Land, but instead there was this reaction from Marquez:

Interesting reaction, “Fuck Kerensa – he is dangerous and harmful to all leftist [sic] – fuck that man.” Marquez is a drama queen, but it was notable that Kerensa warranted a double f-word reply.

I tried to find out why he was turning on Kerensa, but, predictably and boringly, he called me a “racist” and didn’t answer my query.

Antifa (Kerensa in the background) stopping cars at the airport because they don’t like President Trump

Readers of this website know that Benjamin Jacob Kerensa is a multiple-convicted felon. He’s gone to both federal and state prison for a variety of crimes including hacking, impersonating law enforcement officers, including an FBI agent, perpetrating bomb hoaxes on federal buildings and a Navy ship and is an accused perjurer and Antifa ally.

After his life as an inmate ended, Kerensa came to Oregon and became a part of the Portland Professional Protesters™ world. He’s been around for a few years photographing and participating in protests.

In court, Kerensa said he wasn’t a member of Antifa’s black bloc. He lied and wasn’t prosecuted. Wonder why?

Kerensa worked the system to get the cop suspended for not letting him video a protest, but just four months before, in July 2016, he, along with others, carried out attacks against videographer and journalist Michael Strickland to stop him from filming a protest.

When they came after him again, Strickland drew his legally concealed pistol and, without his finger near the trigger, held the group back from assaulting him for a second time.

Kerensa bragged to police that he was the reason why Strickland drew his pistol.

No shots were ever fired, but it was Strickland who was prosecuted and jailed for defending himself. His case is on appeal.

Kerensa worked with cops to get other videographers, Leo Stratton and Nate Millsap, thrown out of protests, following the Strickland attack. Kerensa also tried to force Strickland from using his name in public at the risk of being jailed. Local prosecutors attempted to get third parties (me) included in the outrageous request. It was blocked.

You’d think that a guy with Kerensa’s rap sheet and Anti First Amendment proclivities that he’d be a natural blood brother with Marquez and the Antifa coven. But Marquez’s tweet put an official end to that. The question is why?

When Antifa and official Portland, but I repeat myself, pretended to be outraged over a story about Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson sending Portland Police intelligence officer a video, which led to the arrest of an Antifa member, I laughed.

Kerensa with his ever-present camera at a 2018 protest.

Who else do you think sends cops pictures and video of protesters?

Photo of flyer at Trump election protest in Portland. Andy Ngo.

I’m guessing that’s why Marquez said “fuck Kerensa.”

18 thoughts on “Trouble in Lefty-Land. A Portland Antifa Leader Turns On Long Time Ally, Multiple Felon, Ben Kerensa.

  1. Antifa is a dying movement of traitors and criminals ..they are lock boot brown shirt Nazi fascists..and Americans could squash them like bug on any given day …and might ..soon

    1. I think they’re self destructing and have completely overplayed their hand. Now they’re metaphorically killing each other off in their ‘wokeness’ race to the bottom.

    2. Except for the odd socialist economic policy, none of which overshadow anything in any western nation these days, Nazis believe in nothing ANTIFA believes in. Culturally, they are literal polar opposites.
      The SA was set up specifically because ANTIFA and other forms of leftist douchebaggery kept crashing right wing party gatherings and assaulting people……sound familiar?

      Just because a party or political movement uses violence, it doesn’t make their political aspirations equal to another that also does.

      “These guys believe up is better….these guys believe down is better, and both are extremely vocal about it”

      “Oh then that means they are THE EXACT SAME”

      *Eye roll

      1. Theoretically, Nazis and Antifa wouldn’t seem to have much in common, until you see them in action and realize that Antifa is comprised of tyrannical Leftists who want to use force to achieve their political ends. Just like Nazis.

  2. Has anyone TRULY been on site and seen who these ANTIFA people are besides a handful of us Free Speech Activists? These ANTIFA, these so-called “anti-fascists” are mostly comprised of mentally ill homeless, bored kids, the unemployed (Luis), and the dead-on-the-inside (the Starbucks baristas, the life-time WalMart employee), etc. These people believe the lie that Marx’s “Collective Revolution” is their salvation! If they can only succeed in their revolution, then they can take what they want, by force, from you and everyone who has more than them (so basically everyone). Finally! They’ll be able to use the violence of the State to be the State themselves! …and they call themselves “anarchists.” Hah. They’re what we know as, “Useful Idiots.” The useful fools who will sacrifice their lives to usher in the ‘New Socialistic Order,” but the reality is, they will not be the ones in charge. They’ll like be the first ones put against the wall and shot, as was done during Stalin’s solidification of power, and has happened in other Socialist/Communist regimes.

    1. Moreover, there is a LOT of “Live Action Roleplaying” (LARPing) going on in the ANTIFA circles. Their lives are so utterly dull and depressing that they cling to the FANTASY, the ROLE PLAY, that they are “Anti Fascist Nazi Hunters!” And, well, like any good childhood game of cops and robbers, if someone picks the cops, the other kid is the robber, right?

      So ANTIFA comes on the scene claiming “anti-Fascist” which automatically means anyone opposing them MUST be “fascist” right? And since the media and mainstream culture has already brainwashed them into the idea that “punching a Nazi / milkshaking a Nazi is OK,” well, great!

      Now if only I can find a Nazi …mmm …don’t see any swaztikas here… OH WAIT! There’s an American Flag! That’s basically the same thing right? Ok, it’s cool to punch a Nazi, society told me! —and off they go, to go punch some 80 year old Korean War veteran because he has an American flag.

      And the Democrats protect these LARPing thugs. These role playing low lives. That’s why Trump will win in 2020.

  3. Is this the same Luis Marquez who just published a book calling Trump
    Supporters racists? I’d like to see more of your writing about this Luis character.

  4. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that most of these people whether it be a fat sack of crap named Ben in Oregon or a skinny schizophrenic, anti semitic sack of shit named Brian in Ohio.

    They have no true “cause” or “loyalty” they have no idea what their own “causes” are beyond a vague parroting of a vulgar hate filled chant provided by Soros funded communist official. Most of them subconsciously and even consciously don’t even care.

    They just want attention and an excuse to commit acts of violence and terrorism against old people, small women and reports and destroy things. They are the biggest losers and failures imaginable and they think by glomming onto an identity that they will suddenly be important and wanted. Many antifa members are suddenly starting to realize this, they can’t admit it about themselves because of their mental illness but it’s enough to consciously see this is true about others in the “cause”. They then twist this and see it as an opportunity to move up in the organization by putting down the others who are just like them.

    This is why you always see people like Ben trying to pretend to be Muslim despite the fact he can’t stop stuffing his face with pork, drinking beer, smoking pot or doing other drugs. Or trying to be a part of the “open source sjw community” despite never coding one real thing or having any idea about actual coding.

    Ben doesn’t care anything at all about Islam or anything else. Neither do most of the other lefties. It’s all about trying to be “special” because they are trash and on the inside they know they will always be trash.

    It is inevitable that they would simply start eating their own, figuratively and maybe in the future even literally.

    1. “Soros funded communist official”

      That’s all I need to read to know that your entire screed against antifa is largely, and ironically, self-referential. Anyone who thinks a billionaire capitalist like Soros is a communist, or gives a rat’s ass one way or the other about antifa, is a drooling fantasist who probably also buys into Q-Anon and Pizzagate. But I suppose spouting unsupported accusations makes you feel strong and important. You are as deluded in your own way as any of the antifa supporters you deride. F**k your ilk along with antifa.

      1. Soros is scourge to all freedom loving societies. He pays for chaos. Read up. You’ll see. Pizzagate was a stupid troll and I have no idea what the heck is going on with “Q-Anon.” Never figured that out.

  5. The antifa swarm is to the MSM & regressive left what the “minions” we’re to Gru, just a tool in the box to use on order to achieve their distorted/dysfunctional view of how the US should look/operate in the future.

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