Before they chased old men in cars and canceled parades;  before Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yianoppolous and Charles Murray were silenced by mob violence; before Professional Paid Protesters, Incorporated™ screamed at Senators, overturned cars or set a ‘deplorable’s’ limo on fire; there was Michael Strickland.

Strickland is believed to be Antifa’s ‘victim zero.

July 7, 2016 was just another day for the videographer who filmed Portland, Oregon’s protest scene for his YouTube channel “Laughing at Liberals.”

Unbeknownst to Strickland, his very success on YouTube and in placing his videos on national news outlets, would be kryptonite to the balaclava clad wing nuts of Antifa. As one Portland anarchist admitted to me, Antifa didn’t like how Strickland held up a mirror to the mob and made them look stupid.

A previous attempt to ruin his video by calling him epithets and getting in his face at a candlelight vigil for the Orlando shooting victims didn’t work. By July, Antifa had contrived a way to shut him up for good.

As admitted in court, Antifa and Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot Portland agitators conspired in advance to throw the journalist out of ‘their’ protest, which was being held on public property.

The mob surrounded Strickland, roughing him up, hitting him with their flag staffs (a typical weapon) and punching him as he recorded their protest.

Here’s a typical cache of weapons from Antifa ‘protests’:

Portland Police Bureau

A few minutes later, angry that Strickland hadn’t acceded to their violent tactics, the mob came at him again, attempting to surround him like a pack of jackals.

Laughing at Liberals

One of his attackers was 400 pound Benjamin Kerensa, a convicted bomb hoaxer, hacker, law enforcement impersonator, fabulist and Antifa ally.

Laughing at Liberals

Strickland drew his licensed concealed handgun that Antifa knew he had (I know, I asked), a Glock semi automatic pistol. Strickland, showing amazing trigger discipline – never allowing his finger to come close to the trigger – held off his attackers as he backed away from the mob. To be clear,  Strickland was the only person hurt that day. No shots were ever fired.

Screenshot/Laughing at Liberals

People stunned to hear about the old man chased down the streets of Portland by the mob were equally shocked to learn that the Portland Police Bureau stood by and did nothing. Worse, the Bureau  has invited the mob to file complaints against the old man in the car. Not a typo.


Indeed, in Portland, self defense has been turned on its ear. For being targeted, beaten and forced to draw his weapon to save himself, Strickland was prosecuted. Members of the mob, which had beaten him once already and were running in to finish him off, were magically transformed into victims.

Laughing at Liberals’ ‘Victims’

The book was thrown at Strickland. A perjurious ‘police report’ issued by one of the protest organizers and the guy who conspired to get Strickland tossed from the July protest  was used by Leftist prosecutors  to enhance the videographer’s bail to $250,000 – nearly that of a murderer.

Strickland’s case was heard by a Portland judge who found him guilty of all charges, which included ten felonies (for his ten ‘victims’).

People are just getting wind of Portland ‘justice’ after the car chasing caper:

No Title

Clear this up for me…If ANTIFA stops you in your car, traps you, threatens you, beats on your car, and you feel you are in danger (because you ARE in danger)…Do you not have the right to protect yourself?Are you supposed to sit in your car until they’re finished?

Comedian Tim Young couldn’t believe that the victim was being transformed into the perpetrator in the car chasing attack,

“Are you supposed to sit in your car until they’re finished?”

Robert Barnes, noted defense attorney and Strickland’s appeals attorney, had a ready answer for Young:

No Title

In Portland, if you merely show you are armed, you will be arrested, charged with a felony, and banned from public events for “disturbing” ANTIFA with your presence. Ask Mike Strickland.

He laid out a few more truth bombs on ‘justice’ in Portland:

No Title

There is a reason the media celebrates ANTIFA, stays mute about the black bloc, and political patrons in Portland imprisoned ANTIFA critics rather than lefty violence. They were always heading in this direction once they lost political power: cultural blackmail & street violence.

No Title

Excuses the @ORDOJ used to justify the jailing of independent reporter, Mike Strickland: that the black bloc violent anarchist group is part of the “protest community” of Portland & that a reporter who is “polarizing” to ANTIFA-types should be banned from filming public events.

Michael Santella summed up what appears to be wrong with the Peoples Republic of Portland – no leadership or political will to stop the mob:

No Title

Portland is like the wild west except there is no sheriff.

Portland’s laissez faire attitude toward thugs on the streets has taken a toll on the city’s reputation and on the citizens’ sense of equal justice in Multnomah County:

No Title

You’ll lose and go to jail for defending yourself. There is no justice in Multnomah County if you carry a gun … or drive a car.

Roy Batty put it a different way. Antifa taking over the streets is simply “government sanctioned anarchy:”

No Title

No Description

Batty will get his wish. Strickland’s appeals case will be heard soon.

Go here for some necessary background on the Strickland case.

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  1. As to “protesters” taking control of vehicular traffic in the streets or any public area where cars or pedestrians are allowed, I have never heard of a statute that gives a citizen the authority to interfere with normal traffic, to close streets, or to force or even suggest alternate routes to a motorist or ped. In fact there are statutes against it. They certainly have no special authority beyond that of any citizen to issue a traffic citation if the public law is violated in their presence, but with no authority to order the abnormal route or driver action in the first place, and the offense predicated upon that, if they find a Deputy D.A. to issue based upon their unlawful orders, I will enjoy reading the name as it will go down in history, unscrubbable from the D.D.A.’s permanent internet record.
    As to the PPB inviting a complaint against the driver who stopped, and assuming it was the 60s or 70s year old guy wearing blue and driving the light colored Lexus (or whatever it was), the PPB might either be thinking of some charge involving endangering a (criminal) protester, or they have other ideas in mind – ideas I won’t speculate about aloud.
    If it was the man I describe, the man who had an extended, telescoping metal baton (billy club) brandished at him head high by a “protester” while he offered no behavioral hint of being about to attack the protesters, as evidenced by his stance, position, and by his hands hanging empty at his sides, I’d like to see those names too. For, to me it makes no sense at all. What reasonable person, in any event involving civil disobedience by groups known to commit crimes of violence (like this mob), wouldn’t think it were more likely they were being funneled INTO danger, say for daring to drive a Lexus or for being God knows what, rather than being shown the way to avoid? I would.
    This business must stop. Wheeler has had many opportunities to stop it, and he instead speaks to the mob in support of the mob. Wheeler simply WILL NOT do it. The PPB or citizens or both should turn to the Sheriff and Governor. If the Sheriff and Kate won’t stop it, I reckon the federal authorities are next up the chain of command.
    I would have worked my way up that chain at least a year ago just to find out how badly the local government wishes to abdicate or be deposed and how badly the care-free left-wing coexist crowd wants to live under federal control.
    Just my non-attorney opinions.

    1. Well said. Wheeler doesn’t want to piss off the mob. Pretty much tells you all you need to know about how the rest of Portland feels about them. If the mayor’s scurred and if Portland no longer allows you to defend yourself, and if the PPB is being forced to stand down, then the mob runs the streets. Governor Buehler should send in the National Guard to take control of the streets irrespective if such a move to restore the rule of law will hurt the mob’s feelings.

      1. So to be clear,as a law abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit,I can be arrested for my gun being visible on my hip?

        1. Well, that wasn’t the case here, but I think the answer to your question depends on if the officer is having a bad day and if he’s afraid of the reporting party.

        2. It’s seeped into surrounding areas and you will be arrested for simply saying you will protect yourself. Trust me. I’m 53, middle income, educated and know my rights but it didn’t stop them from making me sit in a jail cell for 9.5 without charges until the came up with a city ordinance that includes “harsh tones”….

  2. HI Victoria,

    Is there a method to impeach the clown Portland has for a mayor? I do not believe the city will take much more of this. I am a business consultant making much$$ from Portland Businesses all seeking a plan to leave both Portland and Multnomah county. Avg wage $22.13 + benefits. Companies range from 2-178. Qty-36 with a waiting list.They are tired of the free laptop giveaway, the attack upon clients from in and out of town not to mention the new police force Antifa now rules Portland. Thank you

    1. This is a fascinating comment. I’ll show it around to my business owner friends there because I’m sure they’ll appreciate having someone else who agrees with them on how dysfunctional the place is.

  3. It seems the crocodiles in the Portland swamp have taken over because those who are paid to maintain law and order are either brain dead and complicit or have been bribed.
    Any way you look at it the people of Portland are being screwed. The community leaders have abdicated their responsibility and allowed moral degradation to take over.
    The sponsors of these violent programs need to outed and their funding cut off. If there is no reward, the violence will stop, as it is purely a criminal enterprise.

    Very soon the corruption will be exposed.

  4. In my now playing the senior citizen role to the hilt..physically, I pretty much never feared anything, my challenge to myself was always try the damn near impossible in all kind of things.
    As a kid, and growing up on a ranch, raised by a “real cowboy”, I rode in the rodeo events such as bull riding and bare back bronc riding until I was 33 yrs old.
    In high school, I played football, defensive tackle( was 2nd team all conference my senior yr) played in semi-pro leagues in Seattle where I lived then until I was 40 yrs old.
    I,made 19 skydiving jumps…started that my senior year in high school.
    I had ONE,and one only pro heavy weight boxing match, won it, retired that night “ALI” can’t say that !!! LOL.
    Drag raced for 25 yrs…..NOW, this AM, at a McDONALD’S drive through ,a homeless guy stood at the end of the drive way, lit a cigarette…AND…as I started past him….HE DEMANDED I GIVE HIM MONEY FOR FOOD…I, said no, he hit my car windshield…I live in Portland, Ore. the environment here is HARD LEFT/ ANTI TRUMP….ANTI- AMERICAN….PRO ILLEGALS….ETC ETC..I, could have got out to defend myself, but a bad back etc, would not have helped me…and to call the PORTLAND COPS…in the last 2 months, I have called 911 3 times..AND NO ONE CAME, no reason to detail the reasons, they were real and valid, NO ONE CAME…WHY, they are short handed like SEATTLE…..100 OFFICERS HERE,,,,WHY…THE HARD LEFT….ANTI-TRUMP ANTI-AMERICA PRO ILLEGAL CITY GOVERNMENT……has decided to hand the city and the state over to the DEEP STATE…and until such time, I feel I have no choice but to carry protection..for my wife and I, I FEAR, not only for her and I, BUT ALL OF US……..AND I’M JUST ABOUT THERE, and you know what…its what the left wants, TO KILL AMERICA, that is going to take the rest of us to act as the country did in DECEMBER of 1941.
    Living in “FAR LEFT” Portland, Ore, with a strong gut feeling this Protest march…for both sides, is going to end BAD, and start things worse…..but like 12-7-1941….THOSE OF US HERE NOW, will have no choice…BUT DRAIN THE SWAMP..

  5. People must continue to fight back against the thugs. Those who can conceal-carry should do so. Other weapons are also good. I carry a very bright flashlight. OK, it sounds wimpy. But some strobes can send a person into seizure thus disabling them. It’s nice to know that simple technology can beat back a bunch of professional losers.

    This city is another San Francisco. Pathetic.

  6. Sweden has now the same type of mobb from islamist groups that from now owns the streets. They burn ten tousen cars and nobody is jailed, they stone the ambulance and fire department in front of heart people. Its beeing 52 no go zone in Sweden today. The police force put up fika store to try start an diskusion, the police men har fight to the ground and everyone go free becouse it was on tape.

  7. This has nothing to do with Trump. It all started in October 2011 when Obama was President. The Occupy Portland people came and trashed Portland. Nothing was done then, as they also had a backless, whimpy mayor. The Portland City Commissioners seem to run Portland more than the mayor, but being all liberals, they only want businesses in Portland to pay more. It’s a financial nightmare to own a successful business in Portland. The Antifa people, I’m sure, are the occupy leftovers. Now they are getting paid.

  8. Portland…great place to dump your ashtray passing thru.
    All vehicles should have a 2lb ABC chemical fire extinguisher in it. Carry mace. Can of airhorn. Zapper/flashlight combo.
    Businesses…contact city hall and protest business and fees as taxation without protective representation from Government entities. No Police funding for no police.
    Portland ….another commie cesspool.