Before There Were Canceled & Censored Parades, There Was Michael Strickland, ‘Laughing at Liberals’

April 30, 2017

Multnomah County GOP. Michael Strickland. Ann Coulter.

See the explanation about the whole, outrageous prosecution of  CHL holder, Michael Strickland, here. Please give to his legal defense fund here. 

Strickland defended himself against the same kind of the violent “anti-fascists” who shouted down and threatened violence against Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopolous at Berkleley.

These thugs shut down the Portland rose parade. They shut down a fund raiser for Strickland. They were responsible for sending a man to the hospital for spouting Bible verses at the Portland Airport at an anti-Trump event.

They assaulted Strickland at a protest last July 7, 2016 because they didn’t want him to cover it.

And then, when he didn’t leave because he is a reporter, they came back for him again and he pulled his weapon and backed them off. His finger was never on the trigger. No one was ever hurt. No one as in danger — except Michael Strickland’s civil rights.

Watch this short video to get up to speed. And check out this post for all the stories about the Strickland case.

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