Portland conservatives were stunned to hear the news one week ago that videographer Leo Stratton had died in a fiery, late night crash. Now there’s concern that his death wasn’t an accident and Oregon State Police are investigating.

According to The Oregonian, the professional truck driver died Wednesday night, September 12, 2018 when his big rig “drifted off the highway”:

“The Oregon State Police said an early investigation shows the semi driver, Leo Stratton, was going east on Interstate 84, drifted off the highway and hit a rock embankment.

The semi caught fire, and Stratton died.”

The situation now has taken a more twisted turn.

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@ORStatePolice: Semi-truck driver killed in fiery crash on I-84 near The https://t.co/WR2qMVVGJP pic.twitter.com/bMfSBHmIQw

Citizen Journalist

Stratton was a videographer with his own YouTube channel, which boasted 11,000 subscribers. His work often lampooned the violent and destructive antics of the Portland professional protester Left – with special emphasis on the group that calls itself “anti fascists,” or Antifa.

Stratton’s “screamer” video was among his most widely viewed. More than 450,000 have watched his video of a disturbed, rainbow-haired person who showed up to ruin a pro-Trump rally:

MARCH 4 TRUMP the crazy screamer

3-4-17 Lake Oswego Oregon, as with venues acroos the USA, there is an organized Trump Rally to support the President, not to be outdone, the wealthy suburb o…


Stratton’s work became more important after a Portland judge and prosecutors banned the area’s premier chronicler of the Left, “Laughing at Liberals'” Mike Strickland, from reporting on politics.

Strickland’s 1st and 2nd Amendment rights were stripped from him after a mob of Antifa attacked him at an protest and Strickland pulled his legally concealed handgun to protect himself. No shots were fired. His case is on appeal. See my exhaustive list of stories about Strickland here, here and here for starters.

The Left Celebrates

Members of Antifa gloried in attacking and sidelining Strickland. And, disgustingly, now the same is happening with the death of Stratton.

While members of the GOP, Trump supporting folks on the right and citizen journalists mourned, within hours of his death Antifa-affiliated Leftists began glorying in it:


This self described bike courier’s Twitter profile included a feature photo of Stratton and the fiery crash which ended the 50-year-old videographer’s life:

The Twitter user “Give No Fucks” was positively giddy that Stratton was dead:

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Claiming ‘Credit’ for Stratton’s Death

VictoriaTaft.com received an email from a phony email address claiming ‘credit’ for killing Stratton:

“We finally got Leo Stratton! He is down!”

Antifa Network Goes Into Action

Within hours of his death, the Leftist website called IDA Vox  ran an obituary enthusing, “Leo Stratton, ROT IN HELL.” The post labeled the watcher of the Left the “Leni Riefenstahl of the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer” groups:

The post was endorsed by Blue Check Twitter:

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Leo Stratton, ROT IN HELL! https://t.co/lZOTImajuB pic.twitter.com/uTywGviJrJ

The story was quickly disseminated.

New York Antifa ballyhooed Stratton’s death:

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TFW the Far Right gets lithttps://t.co/LIepKWNsCx

Occupy enthused over his death:

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Leo Stratton, ROT IN HELL! https://t.co/f81bCUs6md

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Semi driver killed in fiery crash near The Dalles If you followed the Bundy #oregonstandoff and/or the Portland antifa v. patriot rallies, you’ll probably recognize the driver, Leo Stratton, as a writer for The Red Elephants.https://t.co/EPdpLK1WUT

The Scam

Though the Left and Antifa labeled both Stratton and Strickland as “fascists,” “racists,” and “homophobes,” the labels were transparently contrived to give the rebels-without-a-cause, Antifa, a reason to engage in anti-social and violent behavior in general and specifically work against the men who whose work made the Leftists look bad. Labeling them “fascists” made it easier to gather a mob to oust them from their protests and rallies. The irony of the group’s own fascist moves was apparently lost on them.

Stratton On Antifa Hit List

Stratton had been an object of interest for the Left:

Rose City Antifa listed Stratton on its Southern Poverty Law Center-like hit list:

The supposed “anti fascists” monitored or spied on, if you will, the individual goings on of people on the right:

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Stratton Doxxed by Left

Just one month before his death Stratton was doxxed by Leftist “Dimestore Guevarra” who refers to himself as, “Anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, antichrist… ”

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Leo Stratton is a committee person for the @MultnomahGOP he also happens to be one arm of the Joey Gibson/Patriot Prayer propaganda machine. @katemshepherd https://t.co/KaJ4bvyXFQ https://t.co/bwtS4QjOxy

The Antifa member labeled Stratton as an arm of the Patriot Prayer group, but Stratton’s work pre-dated that group as did Strickland’s:

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This is his bio at The Red Elephants “news” site… pic.twitter.com/8uc5GRbAuF

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“Share Your Concerns”

An Oregon State Police Lieutenant , nameless for his own protection, has received this information and much more.

VictoriaTaft.com received this response from the Lieutenant:

“I have become aware of Mr. Stratton’s involvement at certain protests and share the same concerns you do.”

The Oregon State Police has told VictoriaTaft.com that there’s no sign of foul play at this point,  but Stratton’s body has been sent to medical investigators at OSP for more investigation:

“The Wasco Co. medical examiner sent Mr. Stratton’s body to the OSP crime laboratory where an autopsy was to be conducted.” 

OSP says it will be awhile before we get back the autopsy results.

Twitter user Andrew Sorg  thinks it’s “some silly shit” if anyone speculates Stratton died by anything other than an accident:

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And it’s true. No one expects this. While it seems far fetched that in “Little Beirut” – Portland, Oregon – we could have just witnessed a political hit, the continuing violent criminal enterprise that is Antifa gaining such a stronghold over the city was something that we never expected, either.

Is this group, known for its violence, fire bombings, fascist tactics and attacks capable of …  murder?

When the loons have convinced themselves that Leo Stratton is just like Hitler’s propagandist, it’s not hard to imagine that  these self styled saviors may have graduated to more than “some silly shit.”

40 Responses

  1. Nobody should be surprised when, in the event of mysterious or unusual violence or death, every person with an axe to grind gets his axe ground a little bit by the inquiring cops. Especially unsurprised should be the people who have publicly exclaimed glee or a pre-event desire to see ill befall someone, and all the people who have seen that posted.
    If the investigation leads to a foot that fits the slipper, the grinding will redouble many times over.
    The OSP knows its stuff. I would NOT want them after me. The OSP, too, didn’t fail to already have this information at hand or to act upon it when it came to their attention.
    Well done OSP. I wish them the best in their endeavors.

  2. OSP? I don’t trust them as long as Kate Brown reigns.

    If this wasn’t an accident, then the FBI needs to finally start treating Antifa as an actual terrorist organization.

    1. After all, OSP is responsible for the out right murder of Levoy Finicum. How much can they be trusted with an investigation?

  3. Anyone to the right of, say, Maduro is deemed a “Nazi”. Ironically, Asstifa was founded and funded by self-admitted Nazi collaborator George Soros. After reading the Tweets and seeing the signs they post (seek out and destroy “fascists” ad nauseum) it’s not a stretch to believe they might be behind Stratton’s death. Hopefully there will be a thourough investigation.

  4. Wouldn’t be one bit surprised, from what I’ve seen of this machine first hand. But chances are it goes past even Kate Brown’s superiors, so while the prospect of an honest investigation spark a glimmer of hope, like Pops always says; “Hope in one hand and shit in the other… See which fills up first.”

  5. I don’t think this was anything other than an accident. I drove by it in the morning and saw what looked to be a fell asleep at the wheel situation. While I support the right it did not appear to me that this was anything other than an accident self induced unfortunately. It will be interesting to see what comes of this investigation.

    1. Well, it may be. As you may have read in the post, the OSP says “there’s no sign of foul play at this point.”It may have been an accident. In the interest of reducing the possibility of persistent conspiracy theories over time, it’s best that we should make sure that this terrorist group has not elevated its hatred and violence to snuffing out a life. Surely, we can agree that OSP should investigate in the interest of transparency.

      1. You people are fucking morons..

        [The editor has removed Antifa fever dreams about Stratton’s alleged “racism”]

        I’m not ANTIFA so don’t get your conservative panties all twisted up, but you wanna hang around with Nazis and pal around with them on Facebook, don’t be surprised if you get called a Nazi too. You spend all day online calling anyone left of fucking Pinochet “a libtard cuck” and then bitch and cry when reality comes at you in public. Keep threatening people over the internet, and then playing the victim when they take your MAGA hat and kick your teeth in. “Little Beirut” hahahaha what a fucking joke. Maybe if you live in fucking Mayberry and the big ol city scares little country mouse. Don’t like Portland? STAY THE FUCK OUT.

        1. 1. I’ve never called anyone a “libtard cuck.”
          2. It was Maduro and not Pinochet and, no, I didn’t say that, though I agree with the sentiment.
          3. Nobody’s “bitch[ing] and cry[ing].”
          4. The “reality” to which you refer left a man dead.
          5. I don’t have a MAGA hat. Maybe I’ll finally buy one. “Kick[ing] your teeth in” and similar activities is the reason why OSP takes seriously the possibility that your buddies could have killed Stratton.
          6. “STAY THE FUCK OUT” of Portland is a non starter for family which has spent generations here. I’ve got a great idea, you leave so my website or someone’s MAGA hat doesn’t trigger you. I’m sure there’s a safe space or rubber room for you work through your anger issues.
          7. Just because someone’s a conservative doesn’t make them a Nazi, but you knew that and you continue your violent activities.
          8. You are Antifa, so you lied.

        2. While I don’t care a “Fuck” as you so profoundly imply about you or your wannabe badasses. I personally don’t care if you and your comrades burn Portland to the ground. What I do care about however is you and yours constant incessant babble. You remind me of my children when they don’t get their way. You have absolutely no grasp of history and as such are doomed to have it kick you where your balls should be. I would do something about you but I just don’t have the time to devote. I am so busy these days but please feel free to stop by and take the room temperature challenge.

          The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for a few good men to do nothing!!!

          U.S. Army Retired

        3. This comment is for Fuck you Taft. First of all fuck you asswipe. You are a piece of shit who I would promply mop the floor with and Pinochet would have thrown your sorry ass out of a chopper and with good reason I might add. People can hang around whoever the hell they want. It’s called free association. Or at least it used to be. However, murdering someone for their beliefs is illegal jackwad and Leo was involved in documenting Antifuck look silly on video for the world to see. But we’re morons lol. Go straight back to Hell where you came from. Proud Boys have members of ALL RACES in their ranks you puny white guilt ridden louse. Grow a pair so I can kick you right in em sometime in the future. Oh and sorry for this one Victoria, you are truly great, but Portland sucks!!!!!

    2. How do you know he fell asleep?! Are you an accident expert? Maybe it was a medical issue that caused him to wreck. Maybe something else caused him to run off the road. YOU DONT KNOW. He was a professional driver for over 25 years and a very safe one. Just because you drive by an accident scene and saw a wreck does not deem it a “fell asleep at the wheel situation”.

    3. Semi trucks do not just burst into flames. Desiel fuel does not behave that way. It does not look as if he was carrying hazmat.

    1. So far after a cursory investigation it doesn’t look like sabotage, but the investigation is early and they share concern that more investigation is needed considering the nature of Antifa. That’s why they’re investigating it.

  6. It sounds pretty likely, though, that this was still an accidental crash – at least the police are investigating. Wild speculation seems irresponsible.

  7. He was a great guy and his contributions to the first Amendment and showing people what really goes on will be missed greatly. I put nothing past Antifa, but I don’t think they could sabotage a rig or own a car big enough to ram something that size. Maybe a break check in front of him, but even then he would have recovered and hit the brakes. My friends and family are truckers too and it always hurts a bit more when we lose one of our own.

  8. Antifa and their like minded groups need to be labeled a domestic terrorist organization and be investigated and charged with sedition, espionage and marched to justice ASAP

  9. Decided not to explain how, but any semi could be induced to ignite. If you’re driving, good luck getting out. Under normal circumstances a crashed semi seldom bursts into flames.

  10. Antifa needs to be abolished and quickly, they are sounding more like US terriorists, gleefully cheering anyone’s death is reprehensible. I thought the left were supposed to be peace loving people! They have sure been showing their ugly side since Trump was voted in. Come on guys grow up!!!

    1. 1. They *ARE* terrorists
      2. They think anyone slightly to the right of anarchists are “Nazis.”
      3. Cheering someone’s death is typical of their behavior.
      4. They’ve been showing their “ugly” side for years.
      5. They won’t grow up because that would mean they’d have to get a job beyond that of a bike messenger.
      6. Their history has been so violent that police will investigate if they had anything to do with murder.
      7. I have no idea how you “abolish” a group like this, but I believe when more people recoil at their fascistic, stasi-like tactics they’ll go out of fashion.
      8. They’re so convinced they’re on the side of right that they’ll stomp out anyone else’s viewpoint – or literally that person.
      9. They can’t stand reportage outing them.
      10. They can’t handle being mocked.

  11. Antifa needs to be abolished and quickly, they are sounding more like US terriorists, gleefully cheering anyone’s death is reprehensible. I thought the left were supposed to be peace loving people! They have sure been showing their ugly side since Trump was voted in. Come on guys grow up!!!

  12. Antifa can’t go head to head with real Patriots…they are oxymoronic in that their name is directly in conflict with their actions …I guess it’s going to come down to us having to kick antifas ass real good!

  13. I am completely disgusted by the hatred spewed by these mindless, spineless, hate mongering trolls regarding his death. Many of us have been friends with him for over 35 years and know the kind, god-fearing, wonderful man who leaves a Heart-broken wife whom he just celebrated 20 years of marriage with. We are devastated and have a huge hole in our lives. He was a true patriot. I pray he didn’t pay for it with his life.

  14. This would be unprecedented as they’ve never shown the capacity for it, even after an antifa leader was gunned down in the 00’s and put in a wheelchair. He was ambushed outside a bar in Portland by a skinhead who was never captured. I can’t think of a single incident where anarchists have murdered someone in the USA in a long, long time.

    1. That’s some interesting historical revisionism. Antifa didn’t exist in Portland in the early 00’s. I remember the skinheads were doing their thing in the 90’s.

      1. It wont take long to kick these soft pussies ass they’ve never worked a day in their life only have courage in gangs their playin with fire come on pantifa I’ll oblige you!