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How Bad Is Iran Deal? This Bad.

Reaction to ‪#‎Iran‬ deal:

Hat Tip @HensleywkAo
Hat Tip @HensleywkAo

Bullet points:

  • I believe Obama announced it at Oh-Dark-30 to get his reaction out there before Iran’s articulation of deal and open mockery of US idiocy. 
  • Assured Iran WILL get nuke.
  • Unfreezes $100 billion which represents 40% of their GDP which can and will be used to bankroll Hezbollah, Assad, Hamas. It’s like cutting Hitler a check and then telling him to do good things with it –and being so gullible you believe him.
  • Arms embargo is taken off. Why? The President says this agreement won’t allow them to get nuke and then gives entree to others. Do you think they might use the assets to buy weapons?
  • Leaves our political prisoners in their prisons.
  • Gives money to Monsters who killed our soldiers in Iraq and let the bomb making maestro out of the deal. 
  • Just further destabilized the Middle East.
  • No anytime anywhere inspections. Rubes.

Here are some other reactions from the inter webs:

Senator Tom Cotton, Combat Veteran:

Bill Kristol:
@BillKristol: Plus $140b for Soleimani, revolutionary guards & Quds Force. Deal doesn’t just accomodate Iran. Empowers it. https://t.co/UQMOCdS7Eu

@BillKristol: “This deal cannot stand.”

Special @weeklystandard editorial: A Very Good Deal—for Iran.

General Dempsey:

@BillKristol: Gen. Dempsey: “Under no circumstances should we relieve pressure on Iran relative to ballistic missile capabilities and arms trafficking.”

IED builder responsible for killing US troops explicitly gets off:

@HassanRouhani: If ‪#‎IranDeal‬, victory of diplomacy and mutual respect over outdated paradigm of exclusion and coercion. And this will be good beginning.

Tell that to these gay guys you hanged recently.

iran gays

More to come.

Watch President Obama Seems to Admit He Knows No Poor People & Blames Conservatives for Poverty

At the Poverty Summit at Georgetown University, President Obama seems to admit he knows no actual poor people, knows no one who has trouble paying their bills, but knows they got there because rich people took their money away.

Photo: Ustream
Photo: Ustream


Or he assumes no rich people like him do.

The Summit, which was moderated, by E.J. Dionne, the far left Washington Post columnist, also featured American Enterprise Institute economist Arthur Brooks who’s written several books on the subject of poverty, wealth and ethics. See his response to the President below.

In this illuminating discourse by President Obama in the first video, he appears to believe there’s never before been ‘segregation’ by class and poverty level–except for black people. He seems to believe this is a new thing in the last “40 years”, though it appears he forgets about Jewish and Irish ghettos in America’s past or even old timey songs about living “on the wrong side of town” or “on the wrong side of the tracks.” 

The President, ascribing the differences between the wealthy and poor to policies of the past “40 years”, also seems to forget that roughly corresponds to America beginning to wage a  ‘War on Poverty’ by LBJ. 

In fact, according to the Heritage Foundation there have more than $22 trillion dollars in income transfers spent to “solve” the problem of poverty since that war began. As Jesus told us in Mark 14:7 (and other places), “The poor will always be among you” so the likelihood of spending our way out of it is slim. 

After you watch the President blame conservatives and rich people for impoverishing people, and Fox News for demonizing them, then watch as Arthur Brooks, economist and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, gently puncture every one of the President’s talking points. 

Arthur Brooks explains how the President has a few things wrong. 


Conservative artist SABO shaken down by Obama’s Secret Service

And he had a message for them to take to the President.

Photo: SABO
Photo: SABO

Yesterday I got a call from SABO. He’s an artist whose work you may know:

SABO with his Hillary Flying Monkeys creation and Samuel L Jackson Drone piece.  Photo: Victoria Taft
SABO with his Hillary Flying Monkeys creation and Samuel L Jackson Drone piece.
Photo: Victoria Taft


He said while he was gone Tuesday, the Secret Service paid him a visit. Agents left their cards and claimed they wanted to discuss an issue of ‘identity theft’ with him. I asked him if he knew what they were referring to. SABO said no. I told him to not discuss one thing with the agents without an attorney and tried to see if fellow BlogForce Member Rees Lloyd was in Southern California and could maybe be there.

SABO Photo: Victoria Taft
Photo: Victoria Taft


It turns out maybe I needn’t have worried. SABO was more than ready for them. First, he didn’t let them into his house, but he deployed his Go Pro camera and had The Hollywood Reporter there which reported,

True to his provocative style, Sabo had prepared for the encounter by plastering his apartment walls with posters bearing the name Oswald. The agents, who conducted their interview through the apartment’s windows, snapped pictures of the interior including the rifle against the wall.

I would have advised him against doing that. And maybe this:

One of the agents told Sabo during the interview: “You really need to think about some of this stuff you’re tweeting. It really could be construed in many different ways.”

Sabo responded: “I realize we have a f—head in the White House. And the constitution no longer means sh–. As far as I’m conceded, this is a first amendment issue.”


*Video Gold* Obama will not rest until…now watch this drive

President Obama says he will not rest until…he at least plays the front nine on the golf course.

HT Ann Kennedy, Instagram
HT Ann Kennedy, Instagram

H/T Andy from Beaverton and the Washington Free Beacon President Obama has been mocked recently for taking so much time off the nation’s problems to play golf. The detached president is now being openly ridiculed on late night TV and by his fellow democrats who were shocked when Mr. Obama issued a statement on the beheading of American journalist James Foley by Islamic State goons and then went right out on the golf course.  10616389_340002309507155_5898549620413369038_n President Bush stopped playing golf when he felt it was disrespectful to the families of fallen soldiers. He was openly mocked in the movie Farenheit 9/11 when Michael Moore edited together two portions of an interview with President Bush where he discussed the fallen and then directed the media to, “now watch this drive.” Though Moore unfairly edited the two points, it didn’t matter. The point was made that Mr. Bush didn’t care. People believed the propaganda. The truth lay in tatters on the ground. Now Moore’s fave president is getting the same treatment. 

Mocked on Twitter as the only beheading the president was concerned about.
Mocked on Twitter as the only beheading the president was concerned about.

The Washington Free Beacon put together this montage of Obamaisms combined with his love of golf. 



*Video* WWE Russian Amazon body slams Obama

Lana, the “Ambassador” for Russian WWE wrestler Rusev calls Obama a “sissy” “girly man” in

Lana calls President Obama a sissy girly man in hilarious comparison with Vladamir Putin on WWE TV special
Lana calls President Obama a sissy girly man in hilarious comparison with Vladamir Putin on WWE Summer Slam TV special

H/T Andy from Beaverton

Lana also mocked President Obama’s work out routine which has been roundly criticized as being wimpy (and, if I may add, in incredibly bad form).

Obama's workout is mocked by Lana
Obama’s workout is mocked by Lana

Murrieta protest organizer: As long as it takes.

William Satmary believes the group he’s a part of is responsible for the Feds diverting buses away from Murrieta in Riverside County

Photo by Channel 8, KFMB TV.
Photo by Channel 8, KFMB TV.

A total of 75 protesters (and counter protesters) turned up Monday afternoon at the Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California in an effort to turn back buses bringing illegal aliens. Murrieta has been ground zero for protests against the Obama Administration’s smuggling of children and families from Central America into the United States.

Agents block the entrance to the Murrieta, California Border Patrol facility on July 7th. Photo by Victoria Taft for www.VictoriaTaft.com
Agents block the entrance to the Murrieta, California Border Patrol facility on July 7th. Photo by Victoria Taft for www.VictoriaTaft.com

Satmary has helped organize what he calls the ‘ad hoc’ protests and told me they’ve been successful so far.

This organizer told me she was horrified the president is using children as human shields for his unpopular immigration policies.

Reporters from as a diverse a group as Southern California’s Eyewitness News, Alex Jones’ “Infowars” acolytes, to The London Times were there to record whatever happened. Some of the brown shirted, anarchist bandana wearing, “Atzlan” supporters (see post here) attempted to pick fights with the peaceful protesters and got things spun up, but there was no violence or arrests of the sort that occurred July 4th, when some of the brown shirts clashed with cops.

Although the activists received earlier word the buses wouldn’t be coming yesterday, protesters stayed and actually grew in number as the day wore on. Perhaps it was the media presence there. Perhaps it was a mistrust of the federal government’s promises not to bring the buses that day. Whatever it was, on a dusty, wind whipped, 97 degree day people came and they stayed. 

As Satmary, a retired Lt. Col. in the Marines told me, we’ll stay as long as it takes to send the message.


Lucky 13! Obama-Holder “extreme” views rebuked by Supreme Court again

scotusThe US Supreme Court ruled unanimously today making recess appointments when the Congress is not in recess is, uh, unconstitutional. But that’s only the latest ruling slapping down the Obama Administration’s attempt to expand its powers.

As John Fund reports over at National Review,

Did you know the Obama administration’s position has been defeated in at least 13 – thirteen — cases before the Supreme Court since January 2012 that were unanimous decisions? It continued its abysmal record before the Supreme Court today with the announcement of two unanimous opinions against arguments the administration had supported. First, the Court rejected the administration’s power grab on recess appointments by making clear it could not decide when the Senate was in recess. Then it unanimously tossed out a law establishing abortion-clinic “buffer zones” against pro-life protests that the Obama administration argued on behalf of before the Court (though the case was led by Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley).

And Fund is especially galled at the attempt by the Obama Administration to steal away even more civil liberties–all of which have been slapped down by SCOTUS. These decisions include the ruling preventing police from looking at your cell phone without a warrant, stopping the Obama-Holder justice department from putting GPS units on cars at will without a warrant and telling protesters they can be put in a special free speech zones near abortion clinics. 

Obama releases photos of him watching…no, not Benghazi, the World Cup

The White House staff made sure media outlets got a gander of El Presidente watching the US lose to Germany (but still advance to the group of 16).

Note the changing personnel seated next to Mr. Obama. Valerie Jarrett is out and someone new comes in. Here:

And here:

Note the photos were aboard Air Force One and shared by the mainstreams who should be wondering where the photos are of the president during the Benghazi debacle.

Meantime, hawkers of tourist trinkets at the World Cup put Obama’s mug on the English national team cup.

No, the president, whose antipathy toward the British includes removing the bust of Winston Churchill from the oval office, does not play for Manchester United.

Apologize to this Iraqi woman, Mr. President.

Obama says in the “days head” he’ll think over his move in Iraq; leaves town as ISIS radical Islamists creep closer to Baghdad.

Photo by Christian Science Monitor

The fall of Iraq has been dramatic and painful. The blood and treasure spent to get rid of Saddam Hussein and bring some semblance of organized self rule to this country has been the victim of two things, 1) Mission creep by President Bush and, 2) a breach of faith by President Obama. 

The president left town on Friday to attend fund raisers and go to a golf outing. Before hopping on Marine One he gave a press conference on Iraq in which he said he’d be making a decision on what to do with this mess “in the days ahead”. This was after the Islamists had already sacked Fallujah, Tikrit and were a 100 miles away from Baghdad. 

Re-litigating the war in Iraq is unnecessary. We know of Saddam’s sponsorship of terror, his successful ruse to the world that he was this close to getting nuclear weapons and the hot and cold running terrorists using his country and money to commit acts of terror. We know of the Iraqi who helped in setting the table for bin Laden’s 9/11 plot. 

Highlights in Iraq include the Second Battle of Fallujah, Operation Phantom Fury, in which we flushed out the Al Qaeda types in close, close combat that hadn’t been seen since Vietnam (according to Our Man in Fallujah); the Anbar Awakening, when President Bush and General David Petraeus surged troops and enlisted Sunni tribal elders to drop dime on Al Qaeda, winning hearts and minds; and presiding over national elections, in which women were fully given the franchise (see the picture above of a woman who proved she’d voted by dipping her finger in ink). 

Now we are told Islamists who sacked the Nineveh province have dropped leaflets instructing secularists and others to toe the line…or else. Women should only go out if necessary. Shop owners will be given ‘a chance’ to convert. 

Here are some of the rules, as translated by reporter Jenna Moussa

“Repenting” involves throwing in with Islamists or be killed.

Gun confiscation will occur.

And women: do you REALLY need to be on the street?

Obama has brought this on. 

We always should have left our troops in Iraq. We won. To the victor go the spoils. No, not oil (although I’m not opposed). The spoils could have been a presence, such as the ones we have in Germany and Japan. President Obama couldn’t be bothered with reopening the Bush Status of Forces Agreement as President Maliki desired, however. He phoned it in. He voted present. There is no  further SOFA because he didn’t feel like it. 

The president has misused American power. He doesn’t know how to make deposits in the bank of badass, he only knows how to plunder them. He assumed America’s reputation was an automatic that, like a button, could turbo charge his dealings with world leaders. He thought giving speeches fueled leadership. He remains clueless on how to fill the tank. 

Obama allowed Iraq to fall under the spell of Islamists. Iran’s Quds forces have rushed the border to help Iraq’s president, Syrian friendly Islamist groups have flooded the zone to fight them.

Now, President Maliki is asking Obama for help. We shouldn’t send ground forces. I think when you’ve ground your heel into the spilled blood of our troops through sheer fecklessness unbefitting a serious person it’s unfair to ask our troops to do it again. We couldn’t trust Obama to keep our troops there much less trust him with sending them back. 

This is not only a failure of leadership. It’s a failure of an American public so rapturously involved with their own navel gazing they were beguiled into thinking they “were the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Well President “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for”, you own it. It gives me no pleasure to say you can’t blame this one on President Bush, though the friendlies in the media will try.

Attention ObamaCare dead pool players: Bungler Kathleen Sebelius to resign. Gone!

Obama’s War on Women: Another woman to be named to oversee bungled ObamaCare.


News tonight from the Obama Administration the president will accept the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius. From USA Today, 

Obama accepted the resignation this week and intends to announce that he will nominate his Office of Management and Budget Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell to replace Sebelius.

He will make the formal announcement at 11 a.m. on Friday at the White House, according to officials, who asked not to be identified so as not to preempt the president.

While USA Today attempted to ascribe recent gaffs to Sebelius’s ouster, the reality is the entire ObamaCare overhaul was ill advised, one sided and horribly orchestrated by everyone in the Obama Administration–probably because–oh, I don’t know–because the bill was horrible for the American people or something. 

But hey, sucker, we have a song to send you off. I just wish you would take ObamaCare with it. 



Obama officials take “selfies” to respond to Ukraine situation

Decorum anyone?

Decorum anyone? These people think they understand social media but they don’t understand political gravity. They fall to earth in unseriousness. Good grief. 
Even Fox News Brit Hume retweeted this one because it was so unserious.
The joke hashtag? #TweetWithOverwhelmingForce
We’re a laughing stock.

The sheeple respond:

The adults respond: