Reaction to ‪#‎Iran‬ deal:

Hat Tip @HensleywkAo
Hat Tip @HensleywkAo

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Senator Tom Cotton, Combat Veteran:

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@SenTomCotton responds to the #IranDeal on @Morning_Joe

Bill Kristol:
@BillKristol: Plus $140b for Soleimani, revolutionary guards & Quds Force. Deal doesn’t just accomodate Iran. Empowers it.

@BillKristol: “This deal cannot stand.”

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Let us act so historians will say “July 14, 2105, was the bottom, the nadir, from which America went on to recover.”

Special @weeklystandard editorial: A Very Good Deal—for Iran.

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We are apparently lifting sanctions on Qasem Soleimani. That says it all.

General Dempsey:

@BillKristol: Gen. Dempsey: “Under no circumstances should we relieve pressure on Iran relative to ballistic missile capabilities and arms trafficking.”

IED builder responsible for killing US troops explicitly gets off:

@HassanRouhani: If ‪#‎IranDeal‬, victory of diplomacy and mutual respect over outdated paradigm of exclusion and coercion. And this will be good beginning.

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We do not seek #WMDs, nor exerting pressure on regional states. We call for greater brotherhood, unity and further expansion of ties.

Tell that to these gay guys you hanged recently.

iran gays

More to come.

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  1. I am convinced , beyond a doubt… Obama is seeking first, the destruction of Israel, and second, of the United States… Nobody.. And I mean NOBODY is this blatantly oblivious to the result of this decision, how quickly Kerry’s treasonous actions during the Vietnam War are forgotten by an unengaged populous of simple minded lemmings!!!

    1. I believe he’s trying to bring America down a peg and remove it from super power status. Clearly, he likes getting the undeserved respect accorded him due to the blood and treasure Americans have spent which led to hegemony, but he doesn’t actually like our country.