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Video is Released of ‘Trump’ Truck Burned & Destroyed Near Portland. Now Who Would Do That?

Who set this ‘Trump’ truck on fire in Vancouver?

USA Today/YouTube

One thing’s for sure, Johnny Mackay knows in his heart that they’re President Trump haters. Mackay left his truck parked overnight outside the Garage Bar and Grille in Vancouver Sunday night. He took an Uber home. When he returned to fetch his truck the next day this is what he saw:

Fox 12 News

His truck had two bumper stickers on the back and he thinks they are what triggered the attack:

USA Today

The small stickers read: “Trump 2020 make liberals cry again” and “Trump: Keep America Great.”

Fox 12 News

USA Today reports that when Mackay saw his truck he was stunned:

The truck was “completely melted” and a light bar on top was “liquefied,” the Vancouver man said.

“It took me by surprise,” Mackay added. “It blew me away.”

Someone at the bar took a video of the fire:

It’s not known who did it, but it looks to be a so-called hate crime.

Mackay felt impelled to tell USA Today that he hadn’t even voted for Trump, but it shouldn’t matter because, “I feel violated”:

“Maybe he wasn’t the guy you voted for or maybe he wasn’t who you wanted in office, but now he is,” Mackay said. “People just need to relax.”

Locals suspect that Antifa did it. The group is being investigated in another truck conflagration that ended in the death of Leo Stratton, a citizen journalist who recorded Antifa and other protests. Antifa, or someone purporting to be from Rose City Antifa, threatened my life after the Stratton story came out. DHS considers has labeled the group as domestic terrorists.

The crash that took the life of truck driver and citizen journalist, Leo Stratton/Fox 12 Oregon

The group was also responsible for the jailing of another citizen journalist, Mike Strickland, who was prosecuted in Portland for pulling his legal pistol to ward off a mob of thugs trying to throw him out of a protest. No shots were fired and no one else, except Strickland, who had been beaten, was hurt.

Police Investigate Antifa Involvement in Death of Portland’s Leo Stratton, Who Reported on Terror Group

Portland conservatives were stunned to hear the news one week ago that videographer Leo Stratton had died in a fiery, late night crash. Now there’s concern that his death wasn’t an accident and Oregon State Police are investigating.

According to The Oregonian, the professional truck driver died Wednesday night, September 12, 2018 when his big rig “drifted off the highway”:

“The Oregon State Police said an early investigation shows the semi driver, Leo Stratton, was going east on Interstate 84, drifted off the highway and hit a rock embankment.

The semi caught fire, and Stratton died.”

The situation now has taken a more twisted turn.

Citizen Journalist

Stratton was a videographer with his own YouTube channel, which boasted 11,000 subscribers. His work often lampooned the violent and destructive antics of the Portland professional protester Left – with special emphasis on the group that calls itself “anti fascists,” or Antifa.

Stratton’s “screamer” video was among his most widely viewed. More than 450,000 have watched his video of a disturbed, rainbow-haired person who showed up to ruin a pro-Trump rally:


Stratton’s work became more important after a Portland judge and prosecutors banned the area’s premier chronicler of the Left, “Laughing at Liberals'” Mike Strickland, from reporting on politics.

Strickland’s 1st and 2nd Amendment rights were stripped from him after a mob of Antifa attacked him at an protest and Strickland pulled his legally concealed handgun to protect himself. No shots were fired. His case is on appeal. See my exhaustive list of stories about Strickland here, here and here for starters.

The Left Celebrates

Members of Antifa gloried in attacking and sidelining Strickland. And, disgustingly, now the same is happening with the death of Stratton.

While members of the GOP, Trump supporting folks on the right and citizen journalists mourned, within hours of his death Antifa-affiliated Leftists began glorying in it:


This self described bike courier’s Twitter profile included a feature photo of Stratton and the fiery crash which ended the 50-year-old videographer’s life:

The Twitter user “Give No Fucks” was positively giddy that Stratton was dead:

Claiming ‘Credit’ for Stratton’s Death

VictoriaTaft.com received an email from a phony email address claiming ‘credit’ for killing Stratton:

“We finally got Leo Stratton! He is down!”

Antifa Network Goes Into Action

Within hours of his death, the Leftist website called IDA Vox  ran an obituary enthusing, “Leo Stratton, ROT IN HELL.” The post labeled the watcher of the Left the “Leni Riefenstahl of the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer” groups:

The post was endorsed by Blue Check Twitter:

The story was quickly disseminated.

New York Antifa ballyhooed Stratton’s death:

Occupy enthused over his death:

The Scam

Though the Left and Antifa labeled both Stratton and Strickland as “fascists,” “racists,” and “homophobes,” the labels were transparently contrived to give the rebels-without-a-cause, Antifa, a reason to engage in anti-social and violent behavior in general and specifically work against the men who whose work made the Leftists look bad. Labeling them “fascists” made it easier to gather a mob to oust them from their protests and rallies. The irony of the group’s own fascist moves was apparently lost on them.

Stratton On Antifa Hit List

Stratton had been an object of interest for the Left:

Rose City Antifa listed Stratton on its Southern Poverty Law Center-like hit list:

The supposed “anti fascists” monitored or spied on, if you will, the individual goings on of people on the right:

Stratton Doxxed by Left

Just one month before his death Stratton was doxxed by Leftist “Dimestore Guevarra” who refers to himself as, “Anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, antichrist… ”

The Antifa member labeled Stratton as an arm of the Patriot Prayer group, but Stratton’s work pre-dated that group as did Strickland’s:

“Share Your Concerns”

An Oregon State Police Lieutenant , nameless for his own protection, has received this information and much more.

VictoriaTaft.com received this response from the Lieutenant:

“I have become aware of Mr. Stratton’s involvement at certain protests and share the same concerns you do.”

The Oregon State Police has told VictoriaTaft.com that there’s no sign of foul play at this point,  but Stratton’s body has been sent to medical investigators at OSP for more investigation:

“The Wasco Co. medical examiner sent Mr. Stratton’s body to the OSP crime laboratory where an autopsy was to be conducted.” 

OSP says it will be awhile before we get back the autopsy results.

Twitter user Andrew Sorg  thinks it’s “some silly shit” if anyone speculates Stratton died by anything other than an accident:

And it’s true. No one expects this. While it seems far fetched that in “Little Beirut” – Portland, Oregon – we could have just witnessed a political hit, the continuing violent criminal enterprise that is Antifa gaining such a stronghold over the city was something that we never expected, either.

Is this group, known for its violence, fire bombings, fascist tactics and attacks capable of …  murder?

When the loons have convinced themselves that Leo Stratton is just like Hitler’s propagandist, it’s not hard to imagine that  these self styled saviors may have graduated to more than “some silly shit.”

About that March 4 Trump ‘Screamer Girl’ …

By now you’ve seen the ‘Screamer Girl’ who protested the peaceful ‘March 4 Trump’ rally in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Independent Journal Review

Her screeching was so bizarre and the reactions by the crowd so tolerant that I actually thought it was worth a story over at Independent Journal Review:

“They heard her before they saw her.

At a “March 4 Trump” gathering in Lake Oswego, Oregon, which borders Portland to the south, a young woman showed up to shout down the 200-400, or so, pro-Trump people who gathered to give the president an ‘atta boy.’”

Read the rest here.

Since then, ‘Screamer Girl’ has gone viral, and she is so well known, that one person excitedly shared with me a sighting of the girl at the local Dollar Tree.

In case you missed the initial scream-fest and don’t know what the hoopla is about, here she is again in the video by Leo Stratton:

But if you read through the comments you find that  the “Lady” is probably a high schooler from the area and probably is a boy.

However, if he’s a he, he will always and forever be known as the ‘Screamer Girl.’

No Shame: Strickland Assaulter Kerensa Runs to Cops to ‘Snitch’ on ANOTHER Videographer

 Click here to give to Michael Strickland Defense Fund.


Benjamin Kerensa is a professional protester who bragged on video that he was the one who made Michael Strickland draw his weapon last July at the Black Lives Matter/Don’t Shoot PDX rally and march:

“I Was There! I’m the reason why he pulled the gun.”

Strickland’s prudent defense against the approximately 400 pound Kerensa, who was among several people advancing on him, is what got the 37-year-old videographer in trouble with the law. Strickland now faces years in prison after being convicted of 21 counts. (Please see my previous posts on the case in the links at the bottom of this story.)

These same people had assaulted Strickland moments before while he was trying to cover the rally.

The head of the rally, John Slaughter, and Kerensa admitted in court that they were part of a conspiracy to assault Strickland to get him to stop covering the event. Kerensa actually admitted to assaulting the videographer in court.

Last weekend, at the “March 4 Trump” rally in Lake Oswego, Kerensa was back, this time threatening another videographer.

Kerensa has a long history of crime. He’s considered to be a dangerous, violent and disturbed individual. That’s what his lengthy rap sheet says.

You’d think that a convicted criminal (federal, state, local) who has seen the inside of a federal prison cell would want to stay as far away from cops as possible, but Kerensa seems to be drawn to them like a moth to a flame. In fact, there are those who consider Kerensa to be a police informant–which may explain why he’s never been charged with assaulting Strickland and why the man who impersonated an FBI agent and made bomb threats was brought in as a prosecution “victim” witness  in Strickland’s case.

See the video below from another ever-present protester who was threatened by Kerensa and who wonders if he’s really an informant.

Last weekend  Kerensa ran to the cops at the Lake Oswego protest to get videographer Leo Stratton in trouble for, laughably, “making third party contact” with the ever-present roly-poly-protester:

Apparently, the entire world is a “third party” to Kerensa.

Of course, the odd thing is, ‘snitching’ is verboten in the protester/anarchist world, remember?

Last November, protesters were handing out this flyer to people covering the event. It was a threat to them to take them out–much like what they did to Strickland. The last line reads:

“Consider this a warning.”

And Strickland’s own video from 2011’s Occupy Portland, shows one of the other protesters at the July event, Jessie Sponberg, and other familiar faces get in Strickland’s grill for recording them in the public park that they had “occupied”:

Now listen to the video by Mary Eng, who uses the handle Brain Garbage, talk about Kerensa, his attempted assault on her –with several well known witnesses– and her passing observation that he appears to be a police informant:

I can’t imagine why a person who’s a professional liar, as Kerensa is, would be helpful as a police informant, but there is one glaring reason why it could be plausible: He’s never been charged for assaulting Strickland — even after admitting it in court.

I don’t want to get carried away with flights of fancy or anything, but if you consider that a possibility, doesn’t it seem possible that the conspiracy to get rid of Strickland went higher than the protesters? Just a thought.

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