“Rose City Antifa,” or someone claiming to be from the group, has threatened the author of this website.

The message came via the website to the post “Antifa Labeled as “Terrorist” Group by DHS – Why Portland’s Strickland Attack Was Canary in Coalmine.

The post noted that the federal designation is a game-changer:

“For real victims, that means that there is another avenue for justice outside the Leftist Multnomah County Courthouse. And that means the possibilities of civil rights violations charges against  Antifa and the system of justice that rewards their violence with light sentences and low bail.

To sum up: Antifa is a violent, anarchistic group, with national and international ties, that uses violence and destruction as a weapon of terror. The Pacific Northwest is the biggest hotbed of this activity. If Portland, Oregon is ground zero, Mike Strickland was patient zero.”

Oddly, the group didn’t bother to respond to VictoriaTaft.com’s  post about its members being under scrutiny by Oregon authorities in the death of conservative videographer Leo Stratton.  

The group keeps a hit list similar to the one used by Southern Poverty Law Center.

A gunman who attacked the Family Research Council name the SPLC’s list as the reason. Like the rest of the country, clearly, the Portland Antifa gang is  well aware of this. He received 25 years to life in prison.

Someone also sent this email through the VictoriaTaft.com website appearing to claim ‘credit’ for Stratton’s death. See it here. 

Now comes another message to the website, this one as a comment which came in at 2:26 this morning.

The threatening message reads:

Hi Victoria, 

We see your racist nazi [sic] pal Sonny Yelliot [sic] is costing your blog [sic]. No surprise here you racist sympathizer [sic].

We are always watching you and we have associates all over.

This is a year of surprises including a veteran semi driver crashing in a fireball in perfect weather [sic].

You are bringing a lot of attention your way by posting photos of our comrades at city hall! Think about what your [sic] doing and think about the possible consequences.

The message ostensibly was sent by “Rose City Antifa.”

RCA photo which appears on one of its ostensible Facebook pages.

Let’s take a closer look.

The author of the comment, rife with bad grammar, is offended that “Sonny Yelliot” wrote a comment on the blog. Here’s what Yellott (correct spelling) wrote in a comment to this post:

“Love your involvement here Victoria Taft. We have met but I doubt yo [sic] will remember me out of the hordes you must encounter. Please include this address in your mailing list”

To which VictoriaTaft.com responded:

“I remember you, Sonny. Keep your head up! …and on a swivel.”

Sonny often commented via email on my radio shows in Portland. Who knew that we were both “Nazis”?

The next thing to note is:

“We are always watching you and we have associates all over.”

That’s creepy and threatening. The allusion to Stratton’s death is notable and will be shown to person investigating his death.

Finally comes the more overt threat:

“Think about what your [sic] doing and think about the possible consequences.”

Is it a threat or disinformation?

Good question. But I’ve got one more: 1911, Glock,  or hammerless S&W .38?

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  1. Wow that’s balsey Ben Kerensa. Your mommy must have left you extra oreos for your weekend basement keyboard warrior-ing.

      1. So will the Newsweek Magazine cover say “We are all Nazis Now?” Hahahahaha. I hope they do, and feature a nice spread of the masked anti-Fascist Fascists, being the true definition of Communist Nazis that they are. When will one of them pick up a book and learn the definition of Nazi or Fascist?

        1. Couldn’t agree more. They *do* realize that they’re these black-shirted totalitarian socialists are the very definition of the brown-shirted Nazi socialists they purport to fight against?

  2. As a reporter Victoria has Every right to report the News. That is All is doing! Now she gets Threatened for it?! This is a Clear threat that the authorities Need to be Aware of!!

  3. I’m not sure I believe antifa killed Leo. The fact is, antifa are gutless cowards. Calling them terrorists is awfully generous, these sniveling filth can only swing their little sticks at people when they’re in large groups and wearing masks. Post their pictures and let people know who they are and they’ll whine and cry and scream.

    That’s all they have, and that’s all they are. That and the empty accusations of racism and nazism, neither of which they bother to verify (which destroys what little credibility they might’ve actually had—there are real racists and nazis out there after all, but these privileged little college brats would shit their pants if they came upon a group of them.)

    They want you to fear them. Well, I don’t. I’ve been doxed half a dozen times already, so they know who I am and where to find me—but that’s not how they operate. Unless there’s a dozen of them together armed to the teeth, they have nothing because they are nothing. I’m not afraid of nothing, and you shouldn’t be either Victoria.

  4. Hey Victoria. Keep up the good work and don’t let these antifa losers get to you.

    And to answer your question, I would go with the Glock AND the .38 for backup.

    1. They are all capable hand guns but the 1911 45 fought nazis in ww2. Kind of nostalgic. Why don’t those masks get pulled off and jammed down their throats?

  5. Our forefathers 2nd foreign and domestic enimies. What comes around goes around and GOD and justice belong to American Citizen. You ate a part of us or against us.

  6. Victoria the BRAVE ! These punk’s will be put down the day they cross the line. Unbelievable the destroy Trump/ America media ignore these anarchist’s! The DNC propaganda machine media, Liberal globalist teacher’s and professor’s have indoctrinated the youth of America for decades now. Oduma’s fundamentally changing of America is very dangerous and now his plan to brainwash the rest with his new Netflix deal along with Hollywooders,pop stars like Bono pushing his globalist UN agenda means some very bad things are in-store 4 AMERICA. Also, when I read Oduma had actually had anifa labeled as a terrorist group I nearly spit up my lunch?

    1. Pretty wide-ranging screed there. I’m not “brave.” I’m just calling out injustice and highlighting the totalitarians. It’s not like they’re hard to spot or anything.

  7. Was Antifa around in the 50’s and 60’s and before when Nazi’s were lynching and burning African Americans Churches and homes. When they had the South segregated for more than hundred years. Where was Antifa Than. Just wondering!

    1. Well, the Republicans were among those being lynched by the Democrats and their army called the Ku Klux Klan, so I figure Antifa would have been in the Democrat camp as they are now. The balaclava and handkerchief are the new sheets.

  8. Thank You Victoria! You are a patriot and Your country needs You…to all Antifa….pick on someone who’ll shoot Your ass for the pure principle of the matter war is hell and You’ll get sent there if You continue Your jihad on America….You belong in the dirt with the other terrorist!!!

    1. Thank you Tre and I don’t know what “in the dirt” means, but I hope it’s not an overt threat to these dirt bags. However, I am sorry that you’ll now be labeled a nazi by these … people.

  9. I think the national guard need to take that terrorist group down. I understand the laws we have protecting us from a military action but at what cost?
    They are threatening people and this needs to stop.
    What if someone gets caught up in their violence.
    I guess we need a gun just to travel to the store now.

    1. “What if someone gets caught up in their violence”? It’s happening now. When there’s injustice because regular Portlanders can’t go about their business, that’s A LOT of people getting caught up. If/when Antifa and their minions and allied groups get triggered if their socialist candidates don’t get elected in November, watch for many more to get “caught up” in their violence.
      And, as a general rule, if there’s a disaster or police need big time back up (looting, riots, arson), the governor can call out the National Guard without regard to posse comitatus.