Battle by painstaking legal battle, Mark Dickerson is slowly clawing back his reputation – a reputation stolen from him first by Portland Professional Protesters™ and then by the City and media of Portland, Oregon.

His legal odyssey began on Halloween 2018 when a group of protesters began taking over streets and blocking traffic in downtown Portland. The gambit had worked successfully just days before when a poor man driving near the same spot was surrounded, chased and terrorized by protesters.

Here’s Brandon Farley’s video of the incident mere days before the same thing happened to Dickerson:

Portland driver at center of viral protest video says he just wanted to escape

A driver who pushed through a crowd of demonstrators in downtown Portland while they pounded on his sedan and yelled for him to stop says, contrary to their …

Even after that frightening October 12th incident, on October 31st, Portland Police were still allowing protesters to block traffic with impunity. People in those cars were rightly terrified they’d become another Reginald Denny of LA riot infamy.

In the incident, though others had cleared away, one of the protesters intentionally stepped into the path of the barely moving truck and was bumped. Then he did it again.

Dickerson’s dash cam captured Arthuray Dudley intentionally walking into the path of the truck.

But as reported previously, Dickerson was arrested for driving toward the street-blocking protesters at 5mph.

The protesters, protesting the death of a black Portlander, reportedly a relative of the man who intentionally walked into Dickerson’s path, Arthuray Dudley, were not charged with any crimes.

Mark Dickerson’s Mug Shot. All he wanted to do that day was find a parking spot, but protesters disrupted his day and his life.

The Leftist protester-class and the media, but I repeat myself, were giddy that they may have a blockbuster Charlottesville type of story.

After he was cleared criminally in the case, partially due to Dudley’s failure to show up to court, and the good fortune of having a dash cam which captured the would-be scam, Dickerson began the mission to get back his good name.

Insurance Scam – False Arrest – Malicious Prosecution – Portland, OR

No part of the dashcam video was removed. The video contains edited TV news video that they themselves edited which was inserted into the video loop to coinc…

Friday, Dickerson was notified by Multnomah County Courts that records of his arrest and prosecution for assault, reckless driving and harassment for bumping a Portland protester with his truck have been expunged and erased.

Clearing his name and staying out of jail has cost a fortune and the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help defray legal bills. Dickerson had to sell his horse to pay legal bills.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help defray legal expenses

Portlanders are angry at the City for looking the other way as the tiresome and perpetually ‘outraged’ violent Antifa and anarchist rent-a-mobs and fauxtesters block streets, beat people and shut down the speech of others while they simultaneously label them as Nazis and white supremacists.

It’s a welcome sight for one man to fight back. Help him out so that he’s not alone.

Next: Dickerson’s lawsuit against the media.

9 Responses

  1. 3 years of these paid Commies beating elderly, children, women, gay and minorities. They alone decide whos a Nazi. Not to long ago before Gov. Kate Brown admitted she has accepted a fortune from Soros, Antifa was harrassing Mayor Ted Wheeler at his home and holding City Council Hostage as of Patriot Prayer coming on scene for Freedom of Speech to all, have Anitfa changed their sights. The Mayor he got on board with the domestic terrorist Antifa and they are allowed to beat people and hold hostages on city roads and highways to this day.

    1. And yet police don’t consider holding people captive in their cars holding people against their will. You try it and you’ll find just how illegal that is.

    2. The Cops in Portland are just ANTIFA with badges and guns. They do the bidding of the Democratic leaders of the city.
      Working people should just pack up and move. See what happens when the folks who actually work and pay taxes leave town. Portland will become Detroit in pretty short order.

      1. I understand the frustration with police and, of course, they do the bidding of the Democratic leaders because those are the only leaders there are in the City.Working people are moving. They’re moving to the eastside where rents and housing prices are cheaper.

  2. This is a very stressful time. I’m on full alert 24/7 over what has happened. Every time my husband (Mark Dickerson) goes into town for business, PTSD kicks in and I fear he’s going to be arrested again.
    I’ve lost weight, I can’t eat, I lost close to 10 lbs, my hair was falling out, we’ve lost over $15k in legal fees and we lost our horse over this. It’s ruined our lives.

    1. The City of Portland is interested only in the so-called ‘free speech’ of Antifa thugs, ‘speech’ which takes the form of shutting up, closing down, hitting, swatting, stomping people with whom they disagree while vandalizing other peoples’ property and calling it “noble” all-the-while calling other viewpoints “fascist.” They’re the tyrannical fascists. They can’t stand it when other people don’t agree with their terror tactics.

  3. Brandon should sue state and city along with brown and wheeler for their corruption and not doing anything about the Antifa .