October 29, 2020

Episode 3

Mike Strickland's decision to display his legally-carried pistol to scare off assailants at a protest landed him in handcuffs...but that was only the beginning.

In this second installment of the story of Portland amateur journalist Mike Strickland, we hear from prominent members of Portland’s left-wing activist community. And what they say about Strickland’s treatment and the actions that led to his arrest may surprise you, as will their remarks about the motivations of some members of the protest crowd. We also learn about the actions taken by prosecutors in his case, as well as by the media, and the shocking turn of events in the courtroom after his initial charge.

Plus, in the news segment, we’ll talk about next week’s election and some of the threats and intimidation tactics by ANTIFA being leveraged against local election operations, as well as the strange “accommodations” being made to Pennsylvania’s voters…could it be setting the stage for massive voter fraud?

Top Stories:
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Trump Gains Slight Lead in Pennsylvania Days Before the Election

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