Pete the Banker: Where’s Our Economic Recovery?

February 26, 2015 in Economy, Oregon, Pete the Banker, Uncategorized

The fundamentals of the industry are far from solid. Where’s the recovery?

Kitzhaber’s Flaccid Management Style Saw Him Hand Off His Biggest Governmental Boners to a Campaign Aid In Yet Another Ethical Breach

February 25, 2015 in Government, Governor John Kitzhaber, ObamaCare, OrBamaCare, Oregon

Oregonians should have taken John Kitzhaber at his word when he uttered his Nixonesque ‘Oregon is ungovernable’ you won’t have him to kick around anymore epithet in 2002. They should have believed the pundits who said ‘It’s the governor, stupid’.

Take a Bong, I Mean a Bow, Oregon. It’s the ‘Greenest’ State.

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Find the story at the Independent Journal Review here:  

Dysinger: Motor Voter ‘No Fuss, No Muss, No Thinking’ Law Will Compromise Oregonians’ Personal Data

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You don’t need to think to register to vote. Don’t worry, they’ll do it for you.

Clackamas Co Woman Is Gun Supporters Worst Nightmare: ‘Put a Gun to Your Head!’

February 23, 2015 in Government, Guns, Laughing at Liberals, Law

Her testimony was as inaccurate as it was hysterical; vapid as it was wrong; ridiculous as it was hilarious.

Kitzhaber Downfall: Environmental Hubris, Lack of Scrutiny and an Open Fly

February 23, 2015 in Elections, Governor John Kitzhaber, Oregon, Political Vanguard, Tom Del Beccaro, Uncategorized

The truth is, John Kitzhaber let his grifter girlfriend get her way because they hold the same radical environmental views. He believed he would get cover from his fawning media and legislature.

Liberty Milestones: George Washington’s Birthday, February 22, 1732

February 22, 2015 in History, Liberty Milestones, Rees Lloyd

George Washington, first, last, and always a soldier serving God and Country, was heralded in his time as the “Apostle of Liberty” and the “Indispensable Man.”

I’ll Be On FM News 101 KXL Friday 9-Noon. Lots to Talk About.

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‘Inclusive’ ‘Social Justice’ Minister Totally Ignores Minorities in Humorous Video by Daylight Disinfectant

February 19, 2015 in Daylight Disinfectant, Oregon

They’re not conduits from which education flows, they’re side shows. Even they think so.

I’ll Be On KXL FM 101 9-Noon Wednesday. Will Kitzhaber Be There?

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Via John Trudel: The Epic Fail Of King John (Kitzhaber)

February 16, 2015 in Government, Governor John Kitzhaber, John D. Trudel, Legal

Before there was King Barack Hussein Obama, there was Kitzhaber, King John of Oregon. But it’s the same story, writ small. Shared by John Trudel, but written by one of his friends who wishes to remain anonymous. Here is a great postmortem on the Epic Fail of King John’s Marxism in Oregon, just in. I hope there will soon be one written for the Epic Fail of King Obama’s Alinsky communism in America. *** “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you
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Congress Wants Records on Kitzhaber’s Disastrous OrBamaCare Program

February 15, 2015 in Governor John Kitzhaber, ObamaCare, OrBamaCare, Oregon, Uncategorized

Congress wants Kitzhaber now.

This Just Got Real: Feds Subpoena Kitzhaber and Cylvia

February 15, 2015 in Government, Governor John Kitzhaber, Law, Legal

Governor Kitzhaber could be seeing the inside of a prison cell if he’s found guilty in a federal probe.