Hillary Clinton’s Unintentionally Hilarious Message Shows How Incredibly Protected & Self Unaware She Is.

August 24, 2015 in politics


New Planned Parenthood Video. Non Profit? What Do You Call “More Than Break Even”?

July 28, 2015 in Abortion, Crime, Government, Law, Legal

Would you believe *American Express if it said ‘doing a little better than break even’ wasn’t actually a profit?
*Planned Parenthood corporate sponsor.

Yes, It’s True. Oregon OK’s 15 Year Olds Getting Sex Change Ops Without Parental Consent

July 26, 2015 in health care, OrBamaCare, Oregon

Oregon stoops to new low of depravity.

Rees Lloyd’s Liberty Milestone: Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial — Saved ‘As it is, Where it is”!

July 21, 2015 in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, California, First Amendment, Government, Law, Legal, military, Uncategorized

‘Today’s actions will ensure that the memorial will continue to stand in honor of our veterans for decades to come.’

When Police Resort to These Tactics They’ve Lost the Argument

July 21, 2015 in Crime, Law, Legal

‘I am not homeless…’

How Bad Is Iran Deal? This Bad.

July 14, 2015 in Terrorism

Lifts sanctions, unfreezes assets, removes barriers to buying weapons, no concessions on Hamas and Hezbollah.

A California Teacher Just Retired at 61. His Salary Made Me Audibly Gasp.

July 13, 2015 in California, Education, Unions

“Mark was pretty well tied up for every hour of his day.”

Supreme Court Liberals Find “Marriage” Extending to Same Sex Couples in Constitution

June 26, 2015 in Religion, Supreme Court

‘Lacking even a thin veneer of law. Today’s social upheaval.’

Ted Cruz in Photographer’s Gun Crosshairs. Play The Game ‘If This Were a Democrat’

June 22, 2015 in Guns, Media, politics

An AP photographer creates a photo that makes it looks like Ted Cruz is being targeted with a gun.

Charleston Shooting Actually Makes the Point About Existing Racial Unity

June 22, 2015 in Guns, Law, Legal

‘A predominantly black church welcomed a white, young millennial into their Wednesday night Bible study. Because that’s how we do.’

Rees Lloyd On Memorial Day 2015: Can We Live In Freedom, If We Don’t Die For It?

May 26, 2015 in Liberty Milestones, military, Rees Lloyd

All gave some. Some gave all. The least we can do is thank them and respect them on Memorial Day.

Rees Lloyd: MEMORIAL DAY 2015

May 25, 2015 in Government, military, Uncategorized, veterans

‘It’s the soldier…’

Services Set for Bruce McCain

May 22, 2015 in Bruce McCain, Uncategorized

A public ceremony for a man of public service.