ANTIFA Versus Mike Strickland, Part 3: The Instigator

November 5, 2020

Episode 4

Discover the backstory of Mike Strickland's assailant, local Portland activist and convicted bomb hoaxer Benjamin Kerensa.
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In part 3 of our ongoing series on Mike Strickland, the original victim of ANTIFA, we examine the man who caused the entire incident: Benjamin Kerensa, a Portland-based computer programmer, wannabe hacker, community activist, and convicted bomb hoaxer. We also take a look at the incident through the lens of well-known Portland activist Mike “Bluehair,” who captured much of the incident and its aftermath on video and who has since defended Strickland’s actions, even while disagreeing with his politics.

Plus, a post(?)-mortem of Tuesday’s election in which Republicans not only likely retained the Senate but gained net seats in the House, even while a Trump victory looks increasingly unlikely thanks to apparent shenanigans in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and – most shockingly – at the Fox News studios…an election-day boondoggle so embarrassingly bad that some right-wing Tweeters are referring to it as a “third-world s***show.” And could demons be responsible for ANTIFA’s antics? Some priests think so!