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Cover Oregon to spend another $1 mil to advertise program that doesn’t work

After the disastrous roll out, they didn't spend money advertising the disastrous product.
After the disastrous roll out of this product, they didn’t spend money to advertise it.

 *This post has been changed to reflect a change in  the person previously mentioned was a “friend.” That person has asked me to change the information so that they are not targeted because they’re friends with a conservative.  I’ve changed the reference to protect them.*

The OrBamaCare–Cover Oregon–website doesn’t work, but state spends another million to advertise extended deadline and tout success. Alas, ‘success’ doesn’t describe friend’s experience.

Cover Oregon’s executives have been summarily fired or “let go” because the OrBamaCare program and its website don’t work. At all. But that isn’t stopping the state from spending another $1 million to advertise extra time to sign up for a program that doesn’t work. That’s $9.3 million in all for the ad budget (that we know of). I’m sure the taxpayers couldn’t have found a higher and better use for that money had they been allowed to keep it in the first place.

I’ve never heard of Ben Gay Aspirin. Nobody has. It sucked, that’s why. The Ben Gay people didn’t say in the marketing meeting, ‘Hey, well, it’s an utter disaster, so let’s spend more money to tout what a disaster it is.’ Whatever happened to WebTV, anyway Microsoft? Seen any advertising for that lately? New Coke was a disaster. When it died Coke didn’t spend more money advertising how Bic underweardisastrous it was. Bic underwear? Bic underwear? 

But disastrous product rollouts be damned when it comes to government spending other peoples’ money!  The new web, TV and online campaign tells of the successes of OrBamaCare recipients and how, the program is such a success they’re giving you more time to sign up! The success stories of “Ron”, “Gilberto”, “Judy”, “Amy”, “Katrina”, “Cory and Doris”, “Bayo” and “Andrea” seem to contrast with hundreds of thousands of other Oregonians who haven’t been able to sign up–including my acquaintance, who will remain unnamed.

The unnamed woman emailed me to tell me her story. In short it goes something like this:

She tried to sign up for OrBamaCare online.

She thought it worked.

She was told she had insurance.

The state screwed up her info.

It didn’t work.

She kept trying by herself.

It didn’t work.

Then she called and got a “community agent” or “navigator” to get signed up online. 

She was told she had insurance.

It didn’t work.

She called again.

She was told she had insurance.

Now she doesn’t believe them.

Apparently, this is success worth advertising.

Because the website is a disaster and doesn’t work, Cover Oregon says the only way you can sign up for OrBamaCare is to go online and find a “community agent” who has the double-secret-probation-prime-directive-password. Cover Oregon helpfully suggested a place to go online to get said “community agent.” This is what I got.

Cover Oregon website oops

ObamaCare ‘architects:’ what they say now and what they said then

obamacare gruber megyn kellyObamaCare ‘architects’ are a popular commodity on the Fox News circuit. From Zeke Emanuel to Jonathan Gruber, these folks have shown up to try and smooth over the human collateral damage from destroying the health care system. If real people weren’t actually dying it could be considered comical. Watch the fake concern over people tossed off their health insurance by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber on the ‘Kelly File’ Monday night,


Single payer, socialized medicine is the left’s cornerstone for full governmental control over your life. If you think the NSA intervenes too much into your life, imagine the IRS telling you what you must do to keep yourself healthy and penalizing you when you don’t comply. The government would have control over your very body. Whatever happened to freedom of choice again?

Kitzhaber 4th Run: No more Guv Green Jeans

KITZHABER JEANS GET RIDDr. Do Over, John Kitzhaber, believes Oregon just can’t live without him, so he’ll run for a fourth term for governor. The man who has presided over the disastrous OrbamaCare–Cover Oregon–believes he’s the problem-solver who cKITZ GOV GREEN JEANSan lead Oregon into the future—of insolvency.
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Oregon Insurance Commissioner: No OrBamaCare fix

Obamacare obama with needleThe Oregon state insurance commissioner has rejected President Obama’s “fix” of the disastrous ObamaCare health care insurance overhaul. In a news conference yesterday, the president told insurance companies he would not charge them if they allow people to keep their old health insurance plans. Today, however, the logistical nightmare of starting over with the 140,000 Oregonians who have already lost their health plans appears to be more than the insurance commissioner can tackle at this point. Oregon is last in the nation for ObamaCare sign up, its Cover Oregon software a complete bust. (see post below). 

The Zero reports of a meeting today of the health care brain trust who chose to take the lead of Washington state in saying no to the presidential ‘fix.’ 

In an already confusing time, “we think that adding more communication, different options, changing dates could possibly be confusing and actually I think make this more difficult,” [Insurance Commissioner Laura] Cali said.

Confusing is an understatement. Cover Oregon–OrBamaCare–officials are currently presiding over the worst rollout in the country. (see post below) 

Oregon Guv sics cops on citizen journalist over Or-bamaCare questions

“Is there a law or something…?” “Yeah. Me telling you.”Or-BamaCare guard

Daylight Disinfectant is a well known Portland-area Citizen Journalist whose work was featured in the movie by Andrew Breitbart, Occupy Unmasked. Governor John Kitzhaber’s security detail has begun targeting him. Twice Daylight Disinfectant has been approached by Oregon State Police on the governor’s security detail and intimidated. This video is the second such encounter and the first he’s been able to record. 

Or-bamaCare has been an utter disaster. Not one person has been able to sign up for the state ObamaCare health insurance plan due to the state website dysfunction. The stakes are high. People losing their insurance coverage may not be able to sign up in time before they’re fined by the IRS for failure to have insurance. This computer failure is reminiscent of the last disastrous computer program over which the governor presided in the 1990’s. The DMV computer system wasted tens of millions of Oregon tax dollars. Oregonians are tired of badly managed government computer programs which have wasted millions of their hard earned dollars.  Portlanders are familiar with the city Water Bureau computer program which had to be scrapped, with millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.  

In the last on air interview about the computer mess, the governor told KATU’s Steve Dunn,

or-bamacare kitzhaber
Kitzhaber tells KATU’s Steve Dunn regarding the OrBamaCare computer fail, “I think we’re in really good shape here in Oregon.” A body language expert talks of a man’s splayed legs as, “a man’s subconscious need to assert his masculinity.” Maybe he doesn’t want Dunn to probe about the computer disaster any more than a couple of questions. Seems to be working with the Portland media.

“I think we’re in really good shape here in Oregon. Do we have some problems? Yes. Are we concerned? Of course. But I believe we’ll come through this very well.”

“I think we’re in really good shape..?” Who is he kidding? This cram down of more socialized medicine has caused people to, 

1. lose their insurance

2. not be able to sign up for new insurance

3. leave them without coverage

4. force them to pay more for coverage

5. net them an IRS fine if they don’t have it in time.

Now, do the words, “I think we’re in really good shape,” ring true here? 

While Daylight Disinfectant’s questions and manner may be a bit impertinent, they are only that. They’re not intimidating or threatening. Has the governor sicced his guards on any other reporters?