ObamaCare ‘architects:’ what they say now and what they said then

December 16, 2013


obamacare gruber megyn kellyObamaCare ‘architects’ are a popular commodity on the Fox News circuit. From Zeke Emanuel to Jonathan Gruber, these folks have shown up to try and smooth over the human collateral damage from destroying the health care system. If real people weren’t actually dying it could be considered comical. Watch the fake concern over people tossed off their health insurance by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber on the ‘Kelly File’ Monday night,


Single payer, socialized medicine is the left’s cornerstone for full governmental control over your life. If you think the NSA intervenes too much into your life, imagine the IRS telling you what you must do to keep yourself healthy and penalizing you when you don’t comply. The government would have control over your very body. Whatever happened to freedom of choice again?

Hacker admits Public Option is Trojan Horse for Single Payer

Jacob Hacker, The Architect of ObamaCare and the Public Option in making his case, admits that this idea is a covert route to a Single Payer System. Don’t yo…