Oregon Guv sics cops on citizen journalist over Or-bamaCare questions

November 14, 2013


“Is there a law or something…?” “Yeah. Me telling you.”Or-BamaCare guard

Daylight Disinfectant is a well known Portland-area Citizen Journalist whose work was featured in the movie by Andrew Breitbart, Occupy Unmasked. Governor John Kitzhaber’s security detail has begun targeting him. Twice Daylight Disinfectant has been approached by Oregon State Police on the governor’s security detail and intimidated. This video is the second such encounter and the first he’s been able to record. 

Or-bamaCare has been an utter disaster. Not one person has been able to sign up for the state ObamaCare health insurance plan due to the state website dysfunction. The stakes are high. People losing their insurance coverage may not be able to sign up in time before they’re fined by the IRS for failure to have insurance. This computer failure is reminiscent of the last disastrous computer program over which the governor presided in the 1990’s. The DMV computer system wasted tens of millions of Oregon tax dollars. Oregonians are tired of badly managed government computer programs which have wasted millions of their hard earned dollars.  Portlanders are familiar with the city Water Bureau computer program which had to be scrapped, with millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.  

In the last on air interview about the computer mess, the governor told KATU’s Steve Dunn,

or-bamacare kitzhaber
Kitzhaber tells KATU’s Steve Dunn regarding the OrBamaCare computer fail, “I think we’re in really good shape here in Oregon.” A body language expert talks of a man’s splayed legs as, “a man’s subconscious need to assert his masculinity.” Maybe he doesn’t want Dunn to probe about the computer disaster any more than a couple of questions. Seems to be working with the Portland media.

“I think we’re in really good shape here in Oregon. Do we have some problems? Yes. Are we concerned? Of course. But I believe we’ll come through this very well.”

“I think we’re in really good shape..?” Who is he kidding? This cram down of more socialized medicine has caused people to, 

1. lose their insurance

2. not be able to sign up for new insurance

3. leave them without coverage

4. force them to pay more for coverage

5. net them an IRS fine if they don’t have it in time.

Now, do the words, “I think we’re in really good shape,” ring true here? 

While Daylight Disinfectant’s questions and manner may be a bit impertinent, they are only that. They’re not intimidating or threatening. Has the governor sicced his guards on any other reporters? 

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