August 22, 2022

Episode 76

Mike Davis from the Article III Project returns to talk the FBI's raid on Donald Trump!

The Article III Project‘s Mike Davis rejoins the program to discuss the biggest news story in the political sphere right now, the FBI raid of and seizure of documents from former President Donald Trump’s home at the Mar-A-Lago Club resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Mike gives detailed analysis of the unprecedented steps taken in the ongoing government investigation of the former President, and talks about why he believes the raid was not allowable under current law, nor was it justified.



Trump to DOJ: Show Us What You Got, Release the Affidavit Behind FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago

Russia Collusion Hoaxer Wants Us to Trust the FBI on Trump Raid. Um, That’s a Hard Pass, Peter Strzok.

Impeachment Calls Intensify After ‘Unconscionable’ FBI Raid on Trump

BOMBSHELL: Outing of Trump Raid ‘Leaker’ Shatters FBI Document Excuse, Now All Eyes Are on Affidavit Hearing

BREAKING: Judge Rules That SOME Documents Supporting Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI Raid Will Be Released

Feds Swear Trump Investigation Was in ‘EARLY STAGES’ When FBI Stormed Mar-a-Lago. Oh, Really?

Did Joe Biden Reclassify the Russia Collusion Docs That Trump Declassified?

Trump Strikes Back



Victoria Taft @ PJ Media