September 1, 2022

Episode 77

Are San Francisco's lenient drug policies, which were intended to save lives, just resulting in more lives lost?

Journalist, author, speaker & strategist Erica Sandberg is best known for giving sound and practical financial guidance to readers & viewers. But more than a personal finance expert, she’s a resident of San Francisco. She has seen for herself the escalating issues with the city’s homeless population, especially in its Tenderloin neighborhood, which has rapidly devolved into a modern skid row. The culprit? Easy accessibility to drugs. So she went undercover to three ¬†facilities where local addicts can get supplies for their habits, ostensibly for the benefit of public health. What she found there shocked her, and it will probably shock you as well. Hear in her own words why she believes San Francisco’s lax drug policies are making matters much worse, and much, much more deadly.



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