January 6, 2024

Episode 122

The Watergate Files: Modern Lessons from America’s Most Famous Presidential Scandal with Special Guest John O’Connor

John O'Connor returns to talk in-depth about Watergate on the anniversary of the start of the burglary trial.

This week marks 51 years since the trial began for the five men caught burglarizing the DNC offices at the Watergate Hotel. John O’Connor has been researching the scandal for decades, publishing two books on the subject and even building a relationship with whistleblower Mark Felt, known colloquially as “Deep Throat.” On this special episode, he returns to the program to talk even more in-depth on the origins of the scandal, how Nixon’s downfall was initiated by rogue elements within multiple levels of government, and how current scandals within the White House relate to this embarrassing and somewhat frightening chapter in American politics.