December 29, 2023

Episode 121

A Bold Strategy: The Misappropriation & Cannibalization of American Intelligence with Sam Faddis

Former CIA operator Sam Faddis airs his grievances over the use of intelligence agencies as a political tool.

Spycraft isn’t usually what you see in the movies or read about in adventure books. It’s gritty, it’s ugly, and in modern times often requires just as much history & technology expertise as marksmanship. Intelligence operators are some of the most highly-skilled, dangerous people on the planet. So, when their skills are misused by the political elite against US citizens solely for the gain of political capital, the consequences can ruin careers, lives, and fragile peace. Charles “Sam” Faddis is a former CIA operative who led the first incursion into Iraq in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of that country, and headed the WMD unit of the agency’s Counter-Terrorism Center. He also served as an officer of the US Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps, so he cares a great deal about preserving justice in a world where due process seems to have given way to backroom dealings within agencies that have no Constitutional mandate, and should by all rights be neutral, owing allegiance to the nation itself, not to any one member of the US government. Faddis chats with Victoria on this episode about his thoughts on members of government using American investigatory & intelligence agencies as a political cudgel, and what can be done to heal the rot that continues to grow within these extraconstitutional bureaus.