May 13, 2021

Episode 26

Portland's smacktivists strike again, and the victim has little confidence that he'll get justice.

On May 5, Portland-area handyman Joseph Hall was traveling to a work site when he encountered a BLM/ANTIFA protest blocking the road. After exchanging words and being threatened with weapons, he was pinned to the ground and beaten within an inch of his life. He joins the program from his hospital bed to talk at length about the assault, and why he’s worried his troubles may be just beginning. We’ll also talk with another local resident, Mark Dickerson, who was on his way to civil court when his own vehicle was accosted by Portlandia activists who tried to frame him for reckless driving, and was nearly ruined financially as a result.

PLUS: The CDC says we should be wearing masks outdoors! Maybe! Sometimes! Probably!

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Man Beaten and Held at Gunpoint by BLM/Antifa Says Attacker Used ‘George Floyd Restraint’ on His Neck
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Victoria Taft @ PJ Media