May 28, 2021

Episode 27

The exodus from the left coast has begun...but what sparked it?

In this first episode of a new multi-part series, Victoria talks with Terry Gilliam, a soon-to-be-former California resident who has had quite enough of the state’s draconian tax codes, wokeness-first education system, and ridiculous anti-freedom laws & regulations.

Also, she talks with author John D. Trudel about their latest collaboration, an audiobook version of his high-tech supernatural spy thriller Raven’s Redemption.

Plus, Biden whiffs the Pledge, ANTIFA & BLM honor the memory of George Floyd with riots, looting and murder threats, and John Cena grovels to Beijing.

Heroic Virginia Cop Lifts Car Off Head of Woman Pleading: ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ Quick, Democrats, Cancel Him!
Biden to Release Terrorists Including UBL’s Guard, Al Qaeda Bag Man, and KSM Aide from GITMO. But Look Who’s Still in Jail.
U.S. Media Should Take a Lesson From BBC Apology for Fake News During Princess Diana Interview. They Won’t.
AOC’s and Her ‘Squad’s’ Love Fest With Hamas Gives the Head of Simon Wiesenthal Center a Shocking Case of Deja Vu
The People’s Republic of Oregon Imposes First Vaccine Passports and Conscripts Businesses and Churches to Do Its Spying 
George Floyd’s Family Meets With Joe Biden On Anniversary of His Death. Will the Riots Come Up?
WaPo Admits It Ignored ‘Tin-Hat Nonsense’ of COVID Lab-Leak Possibility Because … Trump

Victoria Taft @ PJ Media