The Twitter Files with Special Guests John D. Trudel & Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

December 16, 2022

Episode 83

Elon Musk has unleashed an avalanche of damning internal files from Twitter. What do they reveal?
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Twitter majority owner and CEO Elon Musk, working with some of the web’s most respected independent journalists, has released a flood of new information with regards to the company’s internal content moderation policies, revealing for the first time the true extent of employee efforts to suppress speech it deemed inappropriate to the platform. Special guests John D. Trudel & retired Major General Paul E. Vallely join the program to talk about the first series of releases and how Twitter’s manipulation of the info stream — from so-called “shadow banning” to outright deletion of tweets & accounts — influenced the 2020 election cycle, violated the rights of end-users, and restricted major media outlets from being able to connect with their audience.


Part 1 via Matt Taibbi:

Part 2 via Bari Weiss:

Part 3 via Matt Taibbi:

Part 4 via Michael Shellenberger:

Part 5 via Bari Weiss:



Victoria Taft @ PJ Media