December 2, 2022

Episode 82

Pastor Anatoly returns with a look inside the besieged nation of Ukraine as winter in wartime begins.

Pastor Anatoly Kaluzhny ¬†returns as winter settles over eastern Europe. Russia’s strike on Ukraine, which they predicted would last weeks at the most, has now dragged on for over 10 months. Thousands of lives have been lost or irrevocably changed on both sides of the line and Russia is allegedly so desperate for troops that they are press-ganging random civilians. Questions have arisen in the wake of the FTX cryptocurrency company’s collapse about the financial aid being sent to Ukraine, with many wondering whether the Ukrainian leaders are really any better than the Russian oligarchs who started the conflict. And in the middle are people like Pastor Anatoly and his flock, who struggle with electricity shortages, lack of food and medical supplies, and severed access to gas and heating oil as the coldest part of the year approaches. Hear in his own words how Kiev is coping with the struggle, and how they are maintaining morale and spiritual strength in the face of a winter at war.



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Victoria Taft @ PJ Media