Send these bags to every single state senator, democrat and republican, AND the Governor to say “NO!” to huge tax increases which would KILL 36,000 jobs at a time when Oregon is among the worst in unemployment. The Oregon Senate is next up with the Governor to follow up after that.
Here are the state senator and the Governor. While you’re at it, send your Tea Bags to Representatives Greg Smith and Bob Jenson without whose votes the individual income tax increase would not have passed.
And remember the words of FreedomWorks chief and vice chair of the Oregon GOP, “I swear to God they will not come back to this building.”

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10 Responses

  1. I see you right-wingers are teabagging again.

    Anyways, I made my calls telling legislators to vote for the tax increase on those who pay very low taxes. It is time for them to kick in and pay their fair share.

  2. I see Abel Johnson is still employed.
    I wonder if anyone will listen when he gets layed off.
    We have a Dem. controlled Oregon legislature and Governor. Ask yourself why we have the 2nd highest unemployment in the nation. I wounder if there is any connection.
    I bet Mr. Johnson could answer that question, or will he blow the question away with some smart answer.

  3. Unemployment reaching record highs under homey and mini disabel is happy about it.

    Paul, mini dis-abel doesn’t come here to ‘discuss’ or defend, just to further the communist agenda of Barack Obama.

    I wouldn’t doubt he is a charter member of Moveon-org and fully obeys their orders blindly.

    He is incapable of thinking on his own, just another starry eyed, low I.Q. worshipper of a false god.

  4. We can only hope that UnAbel gets laid off indefinitely as soon as possible. And that he has to pay the increased taxes he is so crazy about.

    And Lew, you said that UnAble worships his false go. That false god has to be the ACORN-appointed and self-anointed Messiah, The Ayatollah Hussein Obama. He is just about as false a “god” as ever was.

  5. I am not going to wish unemployment upon anyone,
    however, I do think if the economic situation of some of the posters here, were to drastically change, their views may change as well.

    One of the reasons I have to leave Oregon to keep my job, is because someone else offered the company a tax break to set up shop somewhere else, and bring in a work force.
    Does this mean that Oregon did anything wrong, having the company pay its fair share of taxes, by not giving it a break?

    Speaking of not thinking for one’s self, and just spewing the agenda of those one follows, I don’t see a whole lot of thinking from those accusing others of this either.

  6. Eileen, want to explain how my views will be changing? The Dodge Dealer I have worked at for over 19 years just had their franchise pulled by the Obama administration.

    So, feel free to show all how my views will be or have “drastically changed.”

  7. eileen,

    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that higher taxes will not solve the problem with the economy.

    Your own situation proves my point. When every day people end up having problems with income ie unemployed or underemployed they cut back on spending. Not our government they increase their spending and then decide to raise taxes. To justify and imunize themselves from fallout from the voters wrath by demonizing corporations and the rich.

    Businesses do not pay taxes people who buys goods and services from them do.

    So eileen why would you want to increase your cost of living by raising taxes on businesses?

  8. Abel, why do you seem to think that the only fair way to distribute taxes is to punish people for success? My dad makes about $250,000 per year shipping up to a miserable frozen hell in the North Slope every 2 weeks. Is he not paying his “fair share” because the government takes less than 50% of his income? You seem to look at this matter through the looking glass where the only “fair” thing is to make sure those bad “rich” people get taught a lesson.

  9. What liberals don’t understand is that when you raise taxes on small businesses and individuals who make $125,000 and more, they pass the costs down-the-line to, don’t look now— their oh-so-loved “middle class.” It’s basic economics, but libs are too engrossed in ideology to understand facts.