The Current Events Grab Bag with Mark Griffith

January 14, 2022

Episode 48

Mark Griffith chats about life, the government and everything!
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Former radio show host, columnist and friend of the show Mark Griffith joins the program to talk a wide variety of topics, from the Virus of Unnamed Origin to how the treatment of concerned parents by school boards is directly related to the January 6 Capitol riots. Mark & Victoria even find time to chat about some music at the end of the show. Download the episode now!

Zuckerberg’s ‘Report for America’ Is a Media Take Over Dressed Up as Philanthropy
Washington Governor’s Feeble Attempt to be a Tough Guy on Political Speech Is Hilariously Slapped Down
The Supreme Court’s Incoherent COVID Mandate Rulings
Nick Searcy Blows the Lid Off the Jan 6. Narrative With ‘Capitol Punishment’

Victoria Taft @ PJ Media