January 20, 2022

Episode 49

Today's internet bootleggers are in it for dollars, not democracy, and they have the clout to fight for their right to pirate.

Content producers from journalists to filmmakers to musicians are having their works hijacked. Not by pirates sailing the digital waters of the Deep Web, but by some of the largest and most powerful internet corporations on the planet. RedState managing editor Jennifer Van Laar returns to the program to discuss the issue. She also gives her thoughts on the killing of LA shop worker Brianna Kupfer, as well as abuse of proxy voting rules by members of Congress.

Plus, Victoria has some choice words for the COVID Karens.

West Coast, Messed Coast: Lock Me Up, Lock Me Out Edition, Starring Sirhan Sirhan
Street Artists on Both Coasts Take Aim at COVID Authoritarianism and the Lefties Can’t Cope
Portland Police Training Manual Calls Antifa ‘Dirty Hippies.’ The Dirty Hippies Aren’t Happy.
The Left Calls for Tossing NBC’s Chuck Todd Off Nakatomi Plaza Again
Unbelievable: ‘Education’ Group’s Agitprop Video Shows White Cracker ‘Karen’ Whipping Black Kids
The Feds Get Involved in the Portland ‘Dirty Hippy’ Scandal
BLM Founder Now Wants to ‘Heal’ in Peace in Her Multi-Million-Dollar Home – After Setting the Country on Fire

Victoria Taft @ PJ Media