March 18, 2022

Episode 55

Seattle radio favorite Kirby Wilbur joins to talk about why you should relocate to a red state!

Conservative radio host and former Seattle resident Kirby Wilbur joins Victoria to talk about life since moving to the Lone Star State! Wilbur is now a real estate agent and part of Conservative Move, an agency dedicated to helping right-leaning folks escape from the left coast and other liberal strongholds. Listen in as he talks about his own motivations for relocating, and why he thinks you should consider doing the same if you’re in a similar situation.

Plus, the New York Times finally catches up with the rest of the world on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and Ted Wheeler gets trolled again by conservative comedians!

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The New York Times Suddenly Discovers Hunter Biden’s Laptop
Portland’s Mayor Rethinks Rules After Comedians Troll Him Again During Zoom Meeting
West Coast, Messed Coast™: Senseless Lawmakers Edition
Will Anything Be Left of the U.S. After Biden Is Done With It?

Victoria Taft @ PJ Media