“They want her to explain.” 

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Chauncy Childs’ store on Milwaukie Avenue in Westmoreland is everything the left claims to love. It’s a Farmer’s Market-like store that will feature no GMOs, no additives, raw milk, fresh produce–the whole granola bit–but, because of her old Facebook posts, the Perpetually Aggrieved Portland Professional Protesters believe she’s anti gay and have attacked.  

The Portland shop keeper hasn’t even opened the grocery store yet and she’s getting blow-back from the far left gay activists for her traditional marriage comments on social media. The word has gone out–all the way to KGW TV– that the owner of The Moreland Farmer’s Pantry has put “anti gay” (read: pro traditional marriage) items on her Facebook page. And, as the reporter explains in the piece below, “they want her to explain.” “

According to KGW, she posted her belief that a private shop owner has the right to say no to demands farmer market gay2customers with which she disagrees–such as baking a cake for a gay wedding. And that apparently was enough to tick off a man by the name of Sean O’Riordan.

O’Riordan put together a YouTube video of Child’s Facebook posts she had posted under another name to forge a whispering campaign against the shop keeper. He circulated it throughout the community–and to KGW TV. 

In the news story, O’Riordan wept saying his brother died of AIDS and was persecuted because he was gay. Apparently to him posting your opinion is now tantamount to persecution and inflicting AIDS. 

You’ll see in the piece below that Child’s has already paid her indulgences to the gay community by giving to a gay suicide prevention charity. She says she hopes to “make some peace.”

Good luck with the cray gays, Chauncy. 



3 Responses

  1. Chauncy Childs, or anyone else for that matter owes no explanation for her personal views and beliefs, Period! It’s that simple! Take your beliefs, move on with your abstract practices and leave this hard working lady alone!

  2. The “Gay Mafia” strikes again. I’d tell them exactly where to go and what to do when there. What a bunch of over-sensitive cry babies!