July 4, 2023

Episode 104

¡Por Cuba Libre!: Experiencing American Liberty & Preserving the Dream of a Free Cuba with Yoel and Mari

YouTube's Yoel & Mari join the show to talk about their life in Cuba, Yoel's new experiences in America, and more!

In modern times, Americans sometimes take for granted the blessings of liberty that have been purchased for us both at the negotiating table and on the battlefield. On this special Independence Day episode of The Adult in the Room Podcast, Victoria welcomes a pair of very special guests.

Mari, a citizen of the US, grew up as a child of the Cuban Diaspora and returned to her homeland to become one of the first Instagram influencers in Cuba. She documented her adventures with her family and her fiancé Yoel, showing both the beauty and darkness of life in a communist nation, and gave the world one of the clearest looks into what life inside of Cuba really is like. Three years ago, she and Yoel began the process of making the move to the United States, and now Yoel — who has spent his entire life in Cuba — is experiencing the freedom and liberty that many of us have enjoyed for our whole lives. Together, they are recording Yoel’s American immigrant experience, from the simple joy of seeing fully-stocked grocery & hardware stores, to the wild excitement of theme parks, pro sports, and foods from around the world.

Yoel & Mari join to talk about the real experience of living in the Castro regime’s Cuba, especially for the younger generation who are becoming more and more aware of what life is like a mere 95 miles to the north. They explain their difficulties navigating the US immigration process, and debunk some of the myths spread by celebrities & activists that hide the truth about life on the island.Enjoy this very special episode of The Adult in the Room, and have a blessed Independence Day.