I wish no ill on any man. Here’s the “but”: Piers was a disaster at CNN and needed to go. Now, instead of riding the anti gun hobby horse to a ratings bonanza, CNN is hoping the Malaysian Air disaster will do the same. Good luck.
piers morgan goodbye
And reaction?

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A little too cheeky & gobby for USA media. RT @TheWrap Piers Morgan Announces Last Show on CNN Is Tonight http://t.co/bHb0a2U5hv @FTVLive

Yeah, like he says,

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I’m watching the last few minutes of @piersmorgan on @CNN. Piers has been as awful a TV presenter as he was newspaper editor. Goodbye.

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You brought it! > RT @megynkelly: @piersmorgan You were a fun competitor; thanks for kind words we’ve shared off-camera, best of luck to u.

But, good news, he’s got a job offer,

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Gary Neville offers Piers Morgan a job as Salford FC’s new kitman after buying club http://t.co/3BDx2N51Zi pic.twitter.com/5ZlxltqJsS

As he said goodbye, his twitter feed played a parade of images of Piers’ ‘gets,’ including Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton. Huh, didn’t see Ben Shapiro’s visage there. Well, here it is for your listening enjoyment,

Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan on guns

Guest Ben Shapiro debates Piers Morgan on gun control, and the need, or lack thereof, for assault weapons. For more CNN videos, check out http://www.youtube….

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  1. Who would know? really? I mean the 15 or 20 CNN viewers across the country weren’t watching him either. Hasta la vista, BABY!