“Your embarrassing problem is our Tuesday morning.”

planned parenthood billboard

President Obama said he didn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” and that callous attitude about living human beings runs amok in the baby killing factory known as Planned Parenthood. 

Spotted in Portland, Oregon is a billboard that calls babies, “embarrassing problems.” 

Oregon Right to Life posted the photo on their Facebook page along with this disclaimer by the Communications Director. Note the sardonic attitude,

Director of Communications’ Note: We have gotten a huge response of people accusing us of misinterpreting the sign when, in their eyes, it means STDs. Here’s our response to all said comments: this billboard left it wide open to interpretation. Whether you want to see it as meaning STDs or babies, it doesn’t make a difference to Planned Parenthood. Both make them money. Planned Parenthood is America’s largest provider of abortions. They performed over 327,000 last year. They perform almost 150 abortions for every adoption referral. Their prenatal services dropped 32% last year alone. In fact, every other non-abortion related service they offer dropped. Per their own annual report. Regardless of what perceived “good” they may offer the community, they abort babies. And more than anyone else. That is reason sufficient to oppose them wholeheartedly.