August 26, 2021

Episode 32

The Rose City is descending into dystopia at the hands of armed thugs and its citizens are caught in the crossfire.

Independent journalist Andy Ngô rejoins the program to talk about Portland’s descent into mayhem in the past few weeks, with ANTIFA & the Proud Boys turning parts of the city into a warzone and citizens & journalists caught in the middle, often finding themselves targets for violence and intimidation. Andy discusses the city’s recent attitude toward ANTIFA and why they are becoming increasingly aggressive through the summer.

PLUS: We discuss the increasingly draconian policies being used to pressure people into getting vaccinated, including a bizarre questionnaire given to a hesitant health care worker to force them to “prove” their religious exemptions.

Purchase Andy Ngô’s Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy America on Amazon

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Victoria Taft @ PJ Media