August 20, 2021

Episode 31

Afghanistan is descending into jihadist anarchy and our Commander-in-Chief bears much of the blame.

No one wanted or expected our troops to remain forever in Afghanistan, but the sudden pullout of US forces this week has led to a country in chaos, swiftly reconquered by the terrorist insurgents America and her allies spent 20 years trying to eradicate. Who’s to blame, and can the disaster be salvaged? Retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely joins the show to examine the situation and share his thoughts.

PLUS: “Do no harm,” unless your transplant patient refuses a vaccination?

West Coast, Messed Coast Wrap-Up: Who’s the Bigger Tyrant?
‘I Am So Sick to My Stomach Right Now’: Retired Marine Reacts to ‘POS’ Joe Biden’s Disastrous Bugout From Afghanistan
Left Behind: Billions in U.S. Equipment for the Afghanistan Taliban to Use Against… Us
Seattle Hospital to Heart Transplant Patient: Get a Covid Shot or Drop Dead
West Coast, Messed Coast Wrap-Up: The Faces of FREEEEDOM!
‘Dangerous’: John McCain’s Scorching Message About Biden’s Sec. of State in 2014 Show How Right He Was

Victoria Taft @ PJ Media