It appears ‘Don’t Shoot PDX’ leader Theresa Raiford has more disdain for¬†Daylight Disinfectant than the ‘kill cop’ rhetoric of her buddies.

Image Credit: Daylight Disinfectant
Image Credit: Daylight Disinfectant

But why are we surprised she doesn’t repudiate it when confronted with the facts by Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant?

When DD asked her to repudiate the death to cops rhetoric chanted by her protesters, she at first tried to deny it, and then seemed to fall into a vat of word vomit blurbing and blaming people ‘staying in hotels’ for it.

Watch the exchange and then watch Mayor Charlie Hales’ reaction. There is none.

Leader of “Don’t Shoot PDX” Refuses to Condemn Murdering of Cops

“We are not obligated to deal with their methodology,” answers organizer Theresa Raiford. She later gives me the finger. Dateline Saturday January 11, 2015: …

5 Responses

  1. She and her sheep are some of the most racist people I have seen. Thugs are being shot for coming at and resisting police but all they want to see is a black person, who is “turning his life around” being shot for no apparent reason. They don’t care about justice when a grand jury rules against the criminal, they only want satisfaction and that is a shame. This “lady” and others like her. ie: sharpton and jackson, seem to be proponents of a me against them mentality and it will certainly hurt us all in the end.

    1. I am sympathetic to the complaint of cops using too much force, I am. If you’ve heard my recent shows on KOGO and KCBQ you know that. But when people in the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot group lie about circumstances of these police encounters and then say the hateful things they do, I believe they forfeit their right to be in polite company. But here’s their leader, sitting at the table next to the mayor–who won’t stand up for the cops.

  2. I am sickened by these groups that think they can “Make a change” yet they fail to control their worker bees. When the group fails to do what they proposed and say and do wrong things, It’s the leader’s job to stand up and take responsibility. She did no such thing, and therefore incompetent to lead.

    I have faith in our local law enforcement and have a belief that if you are afraid of or hate law enforcement, you must be doing something wrong.

    Is there a way to set up a pro-law enforcement rally? Open a conversation about all the great things we’ve experienced in their company? I feel that people forget about all the good they do in world.

  3. Thanks for writing this. When I saw they weren’t going to screen questions on index cards I moved like hell. It was a mistake on their part, outside their normal play book. It’s unlikely they will make it again. Usually all questions are prescreened on index cards. Any dissenting opinions to their rhetoric are tossed in the garbage can. You did an excellent job of pulling apart what exactly she said. It was gobbledygook. Then she waited til no one was looking. All she had to say was: “we decry all violence towards police officers.” All the air would be out of the balloon. But for Charlie Hales just to sit there? Sane middle of the road decent people of Portland take note.