Claim: “When women die in Oregon, they die at the hands of guns.” Which means that we’ve beaten heart disease and cancer, ladies!

Photo: Dayight Disinfectant
Photo: Dayight Disinfectant

Daylight Disinfectant was given extraordinary access to a recent anti gun confab with shooting victim turned anti gun activist former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford recently in Portland, Oregon.
Between comments suggesting gun grabbing laws be cloaked under the guise of public health standards like seatbelt laws, there were self satisfied smiles, and much anthropomorphizing of guns (when guns are dangerous…), it was quite a smug fest.

They claim to love victims, but seeks to create more through their efforts to curb access. Watch the video.


4 Responses

  1. Victoria,

    “When women die in Oregon, they die at the hands of guns.” Analisa Davis

    Not being an expert (at least yet) in the field of mortality I’m forced to rely on notably unreliable sources like Oregon live and the State of Oregon.

    Seems to me given the figures provided by these sources, albeit the gun figures are a little earlier (2010), the big killers of women are heart disease and cancer with guns being a very distant cause.

    So it would seem that Ms. Analisa isn’t much of an expert or for that matter much of a researcher either!!

  2. Hi Victoria,

    Well, I would suggest that use of poor language by an official in public setting reflects the ethically challenged nature of the Oregon Administration. But by now that is stale news.

    However, one would expect someone of her stature in Oregon government to be factually accurate. But despite her ready access to reams of medical information she seems factually challenged, as well.

    Interesting that Kitzhaber seems intent on surrounding himself with such questionable personalities.