Or. State Senator Defends Mike Strickland Before Colleagues

March 21, 2019

State Senator Kim Thatcher highlights Strickland's case in a remonstrance on Oregon Senate floor.

Mike Strickland got a show of support from Oregon State Senator Kim Thatcher Thursday on the floor of the Senate floor.

Thatcher gave a one minute and 20 second speech on the Strickland free speech and Second Amendment case in the time saved for “remonstrances.”

As you can see from the video below, Thatcher thoughtfully and forcefully laid out the judicial wrongs committed in Strickland’s conviction on more than 20 counts stemming from Antifa thugs attacking him as he covered a Portland protest rally in July 2016.

Senator Kim Thatcher Welcomes Mike Strickland

Oregon state Senator Kim Thatcher invited me, Michael Strickland, as her guest on the floor of the state senate session. She took the opportunity to address …

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Strickland’s appeal is now with the state appeals court.

For back ground please take a look at my nearly three-year-long coverage of the Strickland case.