“Imagine there’s no countries [sic], it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too.” Imagine, John Lennon

Photo by 10News San Diego
Photo by 10News San Diego

In John Lennon’s communist inspired love song to the world, sovereignty, borders and independence only produce despair and war. In the left’s world, there should be no borders and we should all, as Lennon put it, “be as one” so “the world will live as one.” The left would like you to keep these unachievable, incoherent, not to mention mutually exclusive goals in mind as more attention is paid to the manufactured illegal alien nee “immigrant” crisis in Arizona, Texas and San Diego. 

Murrieta, California
Murrieta, California

The left would like you to believe unless these planes and busloads full of alleged fugees from Central America are allowed to storm the borders, we’re not a caring, sharing country. We should welcome with open arms the people who arrived covered with lice and scabies who were told to be here by our president.

Never mind this country welcomes actual emigrants by the hundreds of thousands every single year. Never mind that we welcome people who work to become a part of our country. Never mind that people who have actually worked to become US citizens are cheated and cheapened in this mess. No, the left’s thinking goes, America should just lower our standards–not to mention the border fences–and let anyone in. People who showed up to protest this presidentially contrived crisis were just being mean and nasty. How dare they turn away those illegal alien filled buses in Murrieta, California?! Sheesh, can’t we just “live as one”? Ask Al Qaeda if they’d like to come and “live as one” in the United States of America as it is. The unequivocal answer would be, ‘”No religion too?’ Where would you like my sword to cross slash your neck, infidel?” 

When they’re not trying to keep crosses off mountaintops in San Diego and the Mojave desert to honor war veterans, the left, in the form of Occupy, was in Murrieta quoting Bible verses encouraging people to take care of the aliens in our midst. Between screeching at protesters, quoting the Bible and encouraging people to “live as one”, a handful were arrested for breaking the law. The LA Times coverage scandalously wrote a story leaving the impression the pro-LEGAL-immigrant, pro-America crowd had been hauled off. 

Have you noticed the United States is one of only two countries ever asked to put border, health, national security on stand down? Israel is the other. How come Mexico is never asked to “shar[e] the world”? You can’t even own property as a non citizen in Mexico. These “immigrants” are coming through Mexico to break into the United States and Mexico does an Ole!

The president and his minions have created this chaos at the border in order to force a change in immigration policy. In doing so, President Obama “aids and abets”, in the words of a border patrol agent, the breaking of our laws. He has put children and families at risk for his and his party’s political gain.

Note how the media have played a big role in the selling of this “immigrant” crisis. 

Check for yourself. Search google for stories in “the newspaper of record” New York Times for any word of the parade of horribles plaguing these poor children from Central America starting, let’s say, in January. You get stories about environmental concerns, a former strong man going on trial and that’s about it. Then exchange May for January and BOOM! you get stories about the how these children and families have escaped these countries because of intimidation. One of the groups they’re fleeing reportedly is the notorious gang MS 13. 

Let’s just consider this for a moment. First, there’s an MS 13 presence in the US. If they’re afraid of intimidation or retaliation, why would they come to the US? Second, if they’re afraid of bands of thugs, why are they using NARCO GANGS to transport them? I know Central America has been afflicted with discord and renegades but why is this a crisis now? Color me confused. And unconvinced.