The White House staff made sure media outlets got a gander of El Presidente watching the US lose to Germany (but still advance to the group of 16).

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President Obama watches the USA vs Germany World Cup game aboard Air Force One enroute to Minneapolis. #worldcup

Note the changing personnel seated next to Mr. Obama. Valerie Jarrett is out and someone new comes in. Here:

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Pres. Obama on Air Force One says of #TeamUSA in #WorldCup: “You get a sense it has captured popular imagination.”

And here:

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President Obama watching #USAvsGER game aboard Air Force One (via: @dougmillsnyt) #WorldCup

Note the photos were aboard Air Force One and shared by the mainstreams who should be wondering where the photos are of the president during the Benghazi debacle.

Meantime, hawkers of tourist trinkets at the World Cup put Obama’s mug on the English national team cup.

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ICYMI: Barack Obama mistaken for England World Cup player (pic via @DailyMailUK) #CBCWorldCup

No, the president, whose antipathy toward the British includes removing the bust of Winston Churchill from the oval office, does not play for Manchester United.