GOP governor candidate Neel Kashkari says California’s water crisis is more important than Jerry Brown’s ‘Crazy Train’

California Governor candidate Neel Kashkari. Photo by Victoria Taft
California Governor candidate Neel Kashkari. Photo by Victoria Taft

California Governor Jerry Brown has already weighed in on the state water crisis by ordering the roll back of regulations he and the Democrats put in place that have kept water from PEOPLE. Brown acknowledges through his own action his rules have exacerbated the drought, but his opponent in the race for governor, Neel Kashkari, has not made it an issue–although he should.

Californians are now witnessing dust bowls at farms and ranches and downright water rustling. And considering there’s no plan on track to build more reservoirs and dams things can only get worse. 

I asked the Treasury-Department-official-turned-candidate about the water issue while at San Diego’s Politifest confab on Saturday. He acknowledged Brown’s priorities are out of whack. He says the Brown high speed rail line should be scrapped and the money used for other priorities–education, jobs and WATER. 

Neel Kashkari with Victoria Taft

Governor candidate Neel Kashkari talks about his priorities for California and how the drought and water crisis play into his priorities

5 Responses

  1. As a Christian conservative who is stuck in CA, I’d appreciate it if you would not help in making it look as if Kashkari is ANYTHING that he should be. He is a fake Republican who voted for Obama. He was the bailout czar who decided who the winners and the losers would be, and of course one of those winners was a former employer, Goldman Sachs. He is pro same-sex marriage and pro-abortion. He is the last thing we need in CA. Please do your research before you decide to make someone look good. With the help of a billioniare, Charlie Munger, Kashkari beat out a Christian conservative, Tim Donnelly. All the GOP establishment members came out for Kashkari; Romney, Rove, Wilson, Schwarzenneger, etc. Every word he says is a matter of political science. There is not a sincere Republican bone in his body. Kindly do your research.

  2. how are you always so interested in California politics? did you pick up and leave Oregon when KPAM got tired of you lying all the time and losing elections for the Republican party in Oregon?