March 17, 2023

Episode 89

Into the Digital Depths with Special Guest Mike McCormick

Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick is unlocking the secrets hidden in Hunter Biden's notorious laptop, and joins the show to talk all about it.

Mike McCormick served as part of the While House Stenographers Office for over 20 years, serving as part of the team tasked with preserving for posterity the official remarks of the President & Vice President under six different administrations. Now an author and independent journalist with a unique perspective on the Oval Office, Mike has taken on a new project: sorting through the sordid material on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and matching it with official records and Joe Biden’s own statements to establish a timeline that suggests corruption and backroom dealings during his time as Vice President that may have directly impacted Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, and may have even led to the COVID-19 pandemic that caused the deaths of millions worldwide.

Mike McCormick on Substack: “Midnight in the Laptop of Good & Evil”



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