March 25, 2023

Episode 90

Unholy: The Woke Alliance Between Leftists & Fundamentalists with Special Guest Asra Q. Nomani

Asra Q. Nomani returns to talk about faith, parenthood, and how the woke left are using tolerance to enable hate.

Journalist Asra Q. Nomani returns to the program to share her deeply personal story: a discussion of growing up as a first-generation American in a Muslim immigrant family from India and her first encounters with early extremism within her own extended family, the origins of Islamist extremism in the DC area, her friendship with murdered American journalist Daniel Pearl, her experience as a single mother and feminist within a deeply conservative culture, and why she believes the American left is embracing religious fundamentalism that stands in direct opposition to its stated goals of race and gender equality.

Asra Q. Nomani’s new book “Woke Army: The Red-Green Alliance That is Destroying American Freedom” is available now.



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